View Full Version : Getting back with a hook-up

03-17-2008, 03:49 AM
So I had a friends-with-benefits thing going towards the very end of high school with this girl, but after we both went to college she said she “just wanted to be friends”… I think because she was hooking up with a bunch of other guys at school, although I didn’t really care. So I have seen her a little bit but didn’t hook up with her over breaks or anything, and when we were supposed to hang out a few times either she blew me off or I blew her off because it seemed like she just wanted to get together as friends and I didn’t want to give in to her dumb let’s just be friends thing. Anyway recently she’s started texting me again a lot like when we were hooking up and that sort of thing, calling and stuff but I’ve kept it pretty brief. She’s coming to visit over spring break and it’s pretty clear I think that we’re going to be hooking up… at least I’m assuming that’s the way it is. But how should I treat the way shes starting to talk to me again.. I don’t want to blow her off and make her think I’m totally not interested, but I don’t want to seem too interested and start talking to her again just like it was last year and nothing ever happened. I don’t want to just like let her control the relationship and make her think she can turn it off and on whenever she wants. Which she can. But I just don't want her to know that. Any advice?