View Full Version : How do you deal with a party girl on a day 2?

03-19-2006, 08:44 AM
Hey guys;
Here's the situation, i'm dating my friends pivot and he's cool with it. She's a smoking hot party girl (coors light "ass girl" ) and i KNOW she's intelligent but we went out the other night and it was boring as hell. We had nothing to talk about in person however on the phone a couple weeks before we had a ton. I'm chalking it up to being shy on her part. We met up at 9:30 on St. Patty's and had a few drinks at a bar/restuarant. I was there w/ my wing because we were going out later that night and she was gonna tag along for a bit. The usual small chat ensued and it was dry.
She went to the bathroom and i opened this 8 set beside us and started chatting w/ the group. I locked in and made a few friends. Just as she was coming back i got up and re-joined our group. The guys in the other group felt compelled to sit at our table and started telling jokes... her complete physiology changed. She leaned in, she was excited and smiling. We were being amogd!!
After that we headed out and Orleans and I wanted to go to a club. The line was about 45 mins and she didn't want to wait and was planning leaving in an hr anyway - so i suggested she leave now and meet up w/ her friends. That's that...
So bottom line, how do you keep a party girl who is normally into a high energy environment interested in less interesting times. I'd already cubed and we've played a multitutde of games before.
- Mav

03-19-2006, 09:24 AM
Honestly, I would say that if she's a natural party-girl accustomed to those sorts of environments - especially a coors light girl - taking her to a low-energy environment such as a restaurant is going to kill her mood. It isn't her climate, so she won't have the same levels of stimulation occuring for her mental state.
Take her to another high-energy place next time, and you'll probably end up having a much better go of it all around.
All IMO.

03-19-2006, 09:26 AM
in my experience, party girl day two's can be tough... the best thing i've found is to have an activity to do like hiking or bowling or some shit, where you're not just sitting in yet another bar or club, waiting for competition for a girl you haven't solidified a relationship with yet. (Amoging)
Try something high adrenaline... sneak over a fence at a scenic lookout or steal something petty from the mall or something like gum. better yet tell her you need to get some flowers for your living room and then take her to various corporations and take the flowers from their landscaping, then arrange them and give em to her.
Of course, this is all assuming that she's worth it, and is intelligent and wants at least a little bit more out of life than a party to go to. If not, then the only other option left is probably ONS, which is all most party girls ever get.
let me know if any of that helps you out

03-19-2006, 09:37 AM
Of course, what I just spouted off about really only holds true for a day two encounter.
It wouldn't be like that every encounter, but if you have a choice in the matter, try and set yourself up for doing something that interests you very highly, tell her to tag along, and infect her with your own enthusiasm for the activity.
Another thing: you into C-stage with her at this point, or still in a mutual A-stage that hasn't properly progressed beyond an "in the moment" sort of vibe?
This might be an area to work on - if this is so, you may want to simply think about trying to go do your thing around her when she's on duty at some other bar, where she can observe you working the crowd and not giving her your full attention; she'll notice that the first night you hooked up wasn't an act on your part, and that you generally are a fun-lovin' guy, so this in turn may open her up to wanting a little more one-on-one time with you - but again, I would still make such a time revolve around another high-energy environment, if you don't want things to fizzle like they seem to have done.
I mean hell - look at the way she perked up when you merged the other set with her! Try dragging her out within a larger group context/large group dynamic (of interesting individuals whowill keep things flowing along nicely) if you suggest/consider going somewhere a little less energetic.
Again, IMO.