View Full Version : I just had my first date with a HB 9 I picked up

03-15-2008, 07:34 PM
WOW, it was a pretty nice first date. This was my first date since entering the game. I used a lot of the techniques.. first when we sat down I sat away from her on the couch, she came to me in less than 5 minutes. I then started rubbing her legs, moving closer to her cooch.. teasing her. That lasted for a while, i smelled her hair too.. really built up the tension, finally I looked at her like james bond and went in for the kiss. We made out for a while, i fingered her-still teasing. Next she gives me the best massage of my life. Then she got on top of me, gave me a little lapdance/rubbing my junk. After that she whipped out my dick and gave me a HJ. Then i gave her what she wanted, pleased her until she had an orgasim. After all that we still cuddled and made out, she basically said she wanted to fuck next time.. Then she left because she has church tomorrow, LOL. Anyway what do I do now?? she already got online and said "So just an fyi, I'm normally really prude honestly, I really don't even know" I have no idea about a second step, it seems like I should stop playing the games that got me her, but I dunno. Any ideas or advice for next?

03-15-2008, 08:01 PM
That's awesome that she basically told you that she is usually uncomfortable with her sexuality, but she was comfortable being sexual around you

Most guys just don't understand just how sexual women really are .... sounds to me like she just saw things inside of you that made her feel it was okay to act like a slut (not be a slut) .... being non-judgemental towards sex makes this a million times easier ....

As for suggestions .... this is how I see it:

It seems as though it might just be a test to see if you can be 'normal' after being sexual with her .... a lot of guys (again) make the mistake of allowing things to get weird or aqward after sex .....