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03-15-2008, 06:41 PM
So I'm still seeing this girl that has a boyfriend. Before all of this I was seeing her and talking to her often. She comes out of nowhere telling me she is going back with her ex that cheated on her a couple of months back. Of course I am hurt and want to know why. For a while I try to get over her but it was a little hard but I got through it.

Two weeks later I see her at her apartment and we end up having sex that day. I was a little too easy for her to have sex with me again even though I pulled away. I see her two more times again and we have more sex. Throughout this time I forgot about her bf but it got awkward when she called him and when they chatted. I felt jealous so i told her if she wanted to do this again and she said no because she loves him.

I don't talk to her for about a week and I gave her a instant message and she says she misses me. I told her that whatever don't say that those are just words. I see her this past Wednesday and I act differently because at this point she is already used to her boyfriend and I'm just her friend. Wrong, when we hung out she decided to touch me a lot and make comments since I was making funny comments that she can't have none of this. Later on we hung out at her apartment and we are both in bed but I just lay there not touching her although I touched her a little but backed off. We just lay there for a while playing would you rather. After that she takes a nap while I'm just laying there looking at the would you rather cards.

After she got up she picks up her vibrators and motions me to go with her. It's funny since she doesn't want to do anything since her roommate is right there. So skipping the boring stuff we get into my car and I park far from her apartment so her roommate wont catch us. In the car she pulls down her pants and starts using her vibrator. I decide to go in for a kiss and I starting feeling her up and teasing her to make her cum while on the vibrator. Afterwards she went down on me but pulled back because she felt guilty and just gave me a handjob. I didn't finish but I didn't care whatsoever. So I just took her back to her place and called it a night.

The night after she calls me before going to sleep. We had a conversation about a serious relationship between her and I. I was confused but not surprised after she told me her bf aint doing much for her. Although she was talking to me about this she told me she still loves her bf but still really attracted to me a lot. At one point she told me that it takes her a while for her to get in the mood with her bf than with me since it is almost automatic with me. Another thing that she doesn't like about him is the neediness and that he gets depressing after a while. I told her you really don't want to be a round a guy that is always emo. The only reason she loves him is the "sincerity" of him and that he is "perfect"

At the moment I'm not really hoping for much because she is on the fence with who she wants to be with since she has a hard time trusting the guy in relationships. It's also weird that she wants to be with me but can't make up her mind.

So I don't know what to think about this even though I'm not hoping for anything because I'm just going to let things run it's course.

03-15-2008, 08:21 PM
go get magic bullets..you are a complete noob. you are doing everything wrong...besides the fucking part.