View Full Version : HB 9 : after the date.

03-12-2008, 01:01 PM
Alright guys heres the problem its pretty AFC if you ask me... I took this HB9 on a date this saturday (today is wed for the sake of the record) after talking and generation a great connection and attraction over the phone and text for over a week, Saturday was "magical" classic dinner movie details went as followed we went to dinner held hands talked great connection attraction deffinatly apparent during the movie we "cuddled" held hands and got some deffinate I.O.I.s ie squeeze of the hands etc... Ended the night with a kiss close awesome i might add. The next day we talked like before blah blah then she got "sick" throwing up sick and contact is very loose now (i think its cause of the flu) but before this day she had this little "list" section on her myspace including what me and her were going to do together... like were guna watch the sunsets together just for an example it was a list of about 8 diff things. lastnight she took this little list off i made a stupid AFC mistake by asking her why she took it off but nonshalantly

me "can i ask you something"
HB9 "shoot"
me "actually never mind its really dumb just get better dont worryabout it"
HB9 "are you sure?"
me "yea jus get better please its nothing"
HB9 "ok..."
me "do you realy want to know its not that important"
HB9 "yes i really want to know"
me "ok why did you take off the list! see its stupid huh!"
HB9 "oh idk i just felt like taking it off"
me "ohh fer sure"
-end of conversation (via texting)

what do you think pretty AFC huh? but my question here is am i alright or do i need to do anysort of recovering...? Thanks guys