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03-2008-10, 01:25 AM
Melbourne, Australia seems to be blessed with one of the world’s most beautiful yet unfriendly girls that I have ever seen, even HB5-6. Negs don’t seem to work? I have field tested some negs about a few dozen times with no success. It’s almost like they are hell bent that they won’t let you pick’em up whatever you try.

They are easy to open and as long as I keep talking they OK but the second I pause they just start talking to their friends or just leave. I use to live in Canada and had no problem.

03-2008-10, 02:11 AM
Mate are you serious???

I live in Australia, Melbourne....... And i have to disagree with you... Ive travelled to asia and europe and i have to say australian girls are as friendly as it gets.

Maybe its the culture difference that you couldn't get used to or maybe its just you (no offence)...

you said you can open with ease... maybe your opening and then boring them.

If you like post up some field reports and id be happy to have a look and see if i can help out.

hope i didnt offend you dude.

03-2008-10, 02:18 AM
Maybe people in Australia dont like americans. Im aware your canadian but Australians wont tell the difference in voice.

03-2008-10, 03:09 AM

Thanks... I will post a feild report for you to have a look.

Perhaps it's an age thing? See you're 23 and I am 35. Maybe the younger Australian girls are friendly?

maybe your opening and then boring them

Also it could be the cultural thing? Have you tried the stock openers/routines on the older 30+ Aussie girls?

alex rosque,

Most Australian girls like the Canadian/US accent but I don't look like your average Canadian as I come from an Egyptian background. Perhaps it's my looks???

03-2008-10, 03:28 AM
i dont know dude.... average age of girls i meet are between 21 - 28.

I dont know if thats different to what your looking for or meeting but i cant see it being much different.

When it comes to openers/routines ... i usually just come up with random shit.... but the stock openers do work aslong as your congruent with it.

the ones i used a while ago was...

"Hey, im going to give you a scenario and you have to tell me what you would do....
you see this drink in my hand... when i was ordering it, i told the bartender what my little niece said to me... she started laughing uncontrolably and as she was laughing a little bit of spit flew from her mouth.... and landed in my drink! ... so .. tell me... what would you do in that situation?

" Hey, can you picture me with a shaved head?? ... you think i could pull it off? ... my mates and i have this bet .... blah blah blah" ... then lead it into...
would you shave your head for 1k or does everyone have a price? or whats the worst bet you made? or whats the worst dare youve done? blah blah blah