View Full Version : Back into the mix after a year...lost...

03-01-2008, 10:49 AM
About 2 years ago I was a natural, getting laid every weekend, etc. I ended up dating a girl for a year, and we recently broke it off. I've found myself going blank in the field lately, likely due to inactivity.

My in-field strategy seems solid, but when I get to the venue everything goes blank and I panic. That being said, last night I decided to make a legitimate effort to at least get a number close from an 8+ to boost my confidence again. I was an approach machine, and I ended up getting a number from a 9, but I still realized that after openers, negs, and DHV I went blank. In a crowded venue with nowhere to isolate do I just settle for a number close, or do I suggest a venue change?

Any other advice you've got for me if you've been in a similar situation?

(brand new to the forums today, humor me a little, I'll get the hang of this eventually)