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02-29-2008, 08:06 AM
Wednesday night, I went on a first date with a model that I'd met over the last week and a half or so. The date went really well, we went to dinner and then her apartment after...probably about 20 mintues after i left I got a text message from her saying that she had a good time, and wanted to see me again.

She suggested going to this bar, that her friend was some kind of dance party at the following night (Thursday)...I was hesitant at first, mainly because i didn't want to overdo the situation right off the bat, but i eventually agreed to it. We end up meeting up at her apartment last night, i brought my wii (she mentioned she wanted to try it in an earlier convo), but because of an old tv, couldn't hook it up. So instead we played cards and talked for a little bit before leaving to go to this party.

By the time this party came, i was completely and totally exhaused, so i think i lost my initial cocky-funny frame. there seemed to be a lack in IOIs in comparison with the previous night (no touching was the most profound), but regardless talked future plans for the weekend...and thought we might be able to meet up again on Saturday.

To end the night we went back to her apartment, and i mentioned somthing about cooking on Saturday...and she asked me if i was trying to "bribe" her to come to my place..which im aware is a complete and total shit test...but because of my overall exhaustion couldn't formulate a normal smartass comment.

And to compound that...we hugged and then i got the kiss on the cheek, then went for the lips and missed totally and got the side of her mouth (not sure if this was her moving or my being half retarded at the time missing). She told me to text her when i got back to my apartment, which i did and apologized if i seemed comatose, she only said no worries, have a good night...

I guess what i'm really looking for here are ways to get the cocky-funny frame back, and to possibly get more interest from her about Saturday...Any suggestions are welcome.

02-29-2008, 08:48 AM
sounds to me like you were just to tired to be 'on'. no worries, just don't be overly aggressive in getting her to do something but once you finally do something make sure you are 'on' and back in the frame you were the first night out. try to do some type of activity or be at some type of venue where it's easy for you to get into that type of frame.

02-29-2008, 10:24 AM
Hey man... I have a lot of guys come to me with very similar situations. This can be a tough one but also pretty easy as well.

I don't think it's about getting your frame back. The way I see it is you are on your on the verge of going into the friend zone. And you know.. Once there., there's almost no way out (I have a really good way out but it's super advanced).. Anyway... I think this is gonna be a case where you have to show her that you are still the person she was attracted to in the first place. And maybe do a little connecting again. Aka, comfort and trust, rapport!

You were right when you said she kinda shit tested you about bribing her. That's why even if you're game is not on 100% all of the time, you at least HAVE TO BE ON when it's most important!!! Like the little test she through at you. You see, she might have sensed that something was off about you, maybe she thought that YOU were losing attraction for her, or maybe her feelings about you weren't lining up with her initial impressions of you. Whatever it is, something was off. You even admit to that. So what women will do in these situations is test to see if this is right, to see what's going on. I mean they can't just outright ask, can they? ... They don't know that they're doing this kind of testing(most of them) but they'll do it anyway!

What I would do is NOT try to clarify anything about how you felt or what you thought the situation was or is. Now is a good time to use confusion to your advantage! If she's not sure if you lost attraction for her she'll die trying to figure out why and her attraction for you will grow at same time trying to get it back. And now you must be ON 100%... This is where women are most vulnurable to seduction. Cunfussion game is awesome. Never under estimate confusssion. We've all been there ourselves. Think about when a woman is giving us mixed signals or she is so into into us one minute and all of a sudden she drops off.. it's drives us crazy, SAME FOR THEM!!! DRIVE THEM CRAZY!!!!!!!!

If she was losing attraction for you, just go about your normal game, and make sure you have another woman lined up for a day2 in case this one doesn't pan out. Whatever you do don't be try hard, still be NON-OUTCOME dependent! If you want to get her to be more intersted in Saturday, do a little take-away!! What I like to do is get girls on the phone and do a little phone game. Amp the attraction up and right when she's attracted and super stimulated I'll say something like Saturday might not work out. I had something totally unexpected come up, a friend decided to pop into town unexpectadly, but I think I can get out of it. And do a little qualifying type stuff. Like find out what she can do to convince to hang. Ask what shoes she was planning to wear??? stuff like that!!.. This shit is awesome...
Hope this helps!!!