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02-28-2008, 11:07 AM
Let’s face it...there are times when we all have wanted to hook-up with an ex-girlfriend, ex-hook up, or a girl that is “Just a Friend”. Realistically it may not be the best thing for ourselves, but yet they sit there like a pack of cigarettes waiting for a smoking-quitter to start puffing away again. I am not saying that ex's are a bad thing, but most likely you broke it off with them for a reason, and most likely it was a good one. There are situations though when you may have been the one dumped or maybe she found some other guy to chill with. This situation sucks and every guy out there has or will experience it at some point.

Now, what if there was a way to get back with them and start over? I know what a lot of you are saying...you are saying, “Fast-Track, you seem to be indorsing one-itis!” Well I learned my lesson about one-itis; it was what put me in The Game in the first place. I have dated a few girls since I started and I will honestly admit that I fucked it up with a few of them. I feel like an asshole for it because those girls thought that I was the best thing to happen to them and I did something stupid and ruined it. No girl deserves to be hurt and I will stick to that until the day I die.

Back to the program... I know that some of you guys are looking to get out of the LJBF zone or to get with an ex. Whether it is to just fuck them again or to try to start a relationship with them, the same method works in either case. This routine/method can be used to get out of the LJBF Zone AND/OR hook up with an ex (because you are basically in the LJBF Zone with them anyway). It is a very simple 3-part recipe for success:

1 part TIME
1 part CARING

Using these three parts, you can have ANY ex or “friend” crawling to you. Let’s start with the first part.

Step one is TIME
Time is the most important factor in this equation. The amount of time will vary depending on your situation and how much you still speak/see your ex. My first time this worked for me, the TIME factor was quite a while. We broke up and she started seeing another guy. After a while they broke up and I came into the picture again because I was someone who she already trusted and felt comfortable with. We were “Just Friends” and I needed to find a way out. The best thing that I can tell you is to take more time then you think you need. I have used this before with only a month between break-up and hook-up but from what I have seen in the past, the best amount of TIME is 3 months. I know what you are saying, “That is a long time to wait and it is not worth it.” Well you aren’t waiting! You can do whatever the hell you want with this time as long as it doesn’t involve talking to her. Take this time to go and play the field for a while. See what the world has to offer. PLUS, this could help for the JEALOUSY part in the future.

So that is the easy part, just go out and live your life and have some fun that doesn’t involve her. The next part is the hardest of the three parts called CARING.

This part is difficult because you need to show that you TRULY care about her and that you are a protector. In order to do this you must re-establish a connection with her. Not on a large level or anything, but just enough for her to get to notice you. Hook her with a comment on MySpace or a very short text-message. Anything that will elicit a response from her is what you want. Come across as SIMPLY a friend, no more. You want her to be chasing you, not the other way around. I will give you an example...

• The first is with my first ex-girlfriend who I dated for 3 years. We broke up and she started seeing this other guy (yes it is the one from the example above). When they started their downward spiral into breaking up I heard about it. We still had the same group of friends so I found out quite easily. I re-established a connection by asking if I could come over to her house and pick up some stuff that I had left there or some shit like that. I only could stay for a bit (time constraint) but we ended up talking for a bit about life...remember, I am only a friend that doesn’t need her sexually anymore. She was about to fly out to Colorado so I told her to have a safe trip and that I hope she has fun. I then asked her to call me when she got there because I wanted to know that she was ok. Little did I know that this caring caused an emotional stimulation in her that would make her feel like she did when we were dating. I then left and called her when she was there to see if she got their safe. Then she started calling me...EVERY day. I still simply played the friend card and ended up meeting another chick when she was away. Which leads us into the next part...JEALOUSY

So at this point what you have done is taken some time away from her, re-entered her life as a FRIEND, and showed that you still care about her on a friendship level. Now it is time to put the nail in the coffin.

If you were to stop after step two you would have made yourself a good friend. But up until now there is no sexual tension between you two and you want her to want it from you. For this you must use JEALOUSY. Tell her about how you have plans to take some chick you met at the bar to dinner later that week. Or do what I did, tell her that you met some cool girl who you made out with this past weekend and then we hooked up the other night. NOW, DO NOT say that you hooked up with another girl if sex is a Big thing for your target. She will not want sloppy seconds and will be turned off by this.

The whole purpose of saying this is that you want to come across as telling her something that you would tell any other close friend. You want to say it like it is no big deal. They will end up jealous but want to show it. Remember, you are JUST FRIENDS and she doesn’t want you to think that she would be jealous of you being with another girl. If you can get her jealous while at the same time showing that you care, you are in the money.

In order to seal the deal simply hang out one night within the week after starting this. Watch a movie or do something at one of your places and just kino-escalate. Keep the Kino going and be playful. Don’t be SEXUAL though, just playful. Let things escalate and you will be in her bedroom by the end of the night.

Some Helpful Hints
• Always take more time then you think you need and do not rush. If you move too quickly she will see you as someone who is trying to be more then a friend.

• Take advantage of whatever her current situation is to show that you care. For example tell her that you just went to the hospital because there is a bad flu going around. Fortunately you are ok but you wanted to make sure that she was alright too. Tell her that you would hate to see her get sick so if she starts to feel ill, go right to the doctor and then call you so you can know that she is ok.

• Feel free to call her out on being jealous. For example, after you tell her about how great of a kisser this chick you took home was look her in the eyes and look surprised, like you just realized something and say, “Oh my God! You are jealous!” She will most likely say “no” but she is, she just doesn’t want to admit it. If you call her out and she says that she IS jealous...MONEY! You can move in as soon as you start kino-escalating.

This has worked with 3 of my ex’s and 5 LJBF girls. It was worked flawlessly every time and I have even done it on 2 girls at once. Give it a try to figure it out. If it doesn’t work the first time, you probably didn’t take enough TIME off from talking/being around her.

Good Luck Guys!

03-03-2008, 01:27 PM
Wow this is great, thanks. I would have thought caring would be penis suicide.

03-03-2008, 02:23 PM
My thoughts if i may:

I have a huge problem with the caring part. You shouldn't act like an asshole, but for many guys, showing her that you care about her too much is often why a girl will break up with you in the first place.

And I personally think that it is better to leave the relationship undefined then the promote "friendship". You're trying to get out of the friendzone, not solidify her as a friend.

Just the fact that you two are hanging out again, and neither of you have implied that you want to be together, or maybe you don't, or maybe you do, but maybe you don't, ect.. creates a tension and excitment. Because what happens next is up in the air. It will cross her mind, I promiss it. This part should be left a mystery and not acknowledged.

03-04-2008, 07:28 PM
I think I might swap the caring with the jealousy. This is because if you care too much to start with then she might blow you off before you have the chance to make her jealous.