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03-17-2006, 02:04 AM
Being playful and having the ability to make boring situations fun is such a huge DHV. I was always thinking of how I can make a lecture interesting usng props. Occasionally I would take in a little walking-wind-up penguin into lectures and put it on the targets desk, wait for her to laugh then say "shhh!!!" in a really serious way, kino her and say "im just kidding etc".
The problem with this was everyone kept seeing me use it in the same lectures and I was known as the "penguin dude", it killed the spontenaiety.
This is where post-its come in, they're so ordinary that no one would notice if you had them. you can either write a witty situational opener on there e.g. "out of 10 how much do you think this lecturer looks like elmer fudd?" or a random comment that is funny just because of its unpredictability e.g. "fried chicken is sooo awesome".
For the latter take the post it and stick it on the back of a person sitting in front of you both. When she chuckles or looks strangely at it say "its the post-it game, write the strangest things you can think of but they cant be mean, stick on someone for them to discover later in their day to spice it up a bit, here you try" if she says no say "Really? u looked like someone who was capable of fun", write "FUN" on a post-it, stick it on her, then hand her the pad.
A third option is to write out three post its: alcoholic / sex maniac / serial killer / librarian etc. Then stick them on three seats infront of you where people are sitting. Try to make the labels as misfitted as possible e.g. put serial killer on the chair of a blonde with pig tails. Turn to the target and say "whats the chance THIS guy has killed someone?" Say it playfully and take the convo from their or TELL them to try making labels this time. If they refuse, write "nerd" on a post it and stick it on her. Then try again.
There are a thousand funny things you can use post-its for to open with and get into a convo with. C&F is a must. If youre nervous try visualing the girl as one of your long-term female friends, assume rapport.

Vincent Chase
03-17-2006, 02:09 AM
I like this game, it's playful and fun, grest for A1-A2 mainly. I don't see his fitting into my style,, it's a little TOO gamish but I really like it and would like to see a FR on a field test.