View Full Version : Meeting a girl who knows you like her...help!

02-20-2008, 05:52 PM
OK, here goes. I have a friend (a girl,we'll call her betty) and I was looking through some of her photos on "facebook" and I came across a picture of Betty with a girl that I found Incredibly attractive. I asked my friend Betty who this girl was and that we should hang out with her sometime cuz I think shes hot. So my friend Betty told this girl that I thought she was attractive and I wanted to hang out. Now I know I already put myself in a bad position, because now she knows that I have a crush on her when we meet, but I didnt know how else to get to meet her, also shes a hooters girl so shes been around plenty of men who gawk and hit on her. I had a party at my house a couple weeks ago and told my friend Betty to call this attractive girl and bring her over. Some reason she couldnt make it but told my friend Betty to tell me she was sorry for not being able to come over. I still havnt met this girl so I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips, or anything to help me out!

02-20-2008, 06:13 PM
She's just a girl. Treat her like normal.

You have already put her above you. As long as you keep that mindset up, you are going to fail.

Don't think about how you must be secretive with your desires. Think instead about how much fun you can have with this. Be fucking sexworthy. Self-amuse.