View Full Version : Approaching in the Rain

02-13-2008, 10:27 AM
First sarge happened toda while I was walking to school from the bus stop. It was raining and I approached a girl with a situational opener. She was wearing these colorful boots and I said something dumb like 'those are going to keep you dry all day' in a tone that sounded like I was giving her approval for those outrageos boots ( I should of negged! but I'm not sure about opening with negs yet , is it ok?) Newayz the next few things were along the lines of ' is this your first semester here', 'do you remember the blizzard in 96? It was much worse than this'. I'm laughing now about this so I guess it's ok but it just shocks me how I think about myself so highly during the day but then realize I'm nowhere near hot shit in relation to my 'game'.

Lessons: -Approaching in the rain is needy.
- I can handle a rejection( at least when no1 notices for now)
-Don't open with something that sounds like your giving her approval, she doesn't need itif she has self-esteem.
- Don't feel like you have to keep running game if your getting a cold shoulder from the beginning unless you sense shes just playing hard to get nd u should persist.
-Come off as more friendly and not like your doing a pickup.
K that's my one n only approach on this rainy day. I just received 'rules of the game' lets c how that is.