View Full Version : HB-9 drunk hookup how to recover?

02-11-2008, 02:44 PM
Hey guys,

Met this chik at an afterparty on Sat. I was drunk and she was too. I was standing behind the dj booth and she opened me (is im remebering this correctly---don't have as many brain cells as I did on Friday). Anyways the only part of the conversation I remeber having with her was soem game I was running which obviously worked...

Here it is... "Don't you hate it when you hook up with someone all drunk and then they try and call you the next day and want to ahng out. It's so weird...theres liek that awkward thought of well we didn't really even have a conversation or anyhting...has that ever happened to you." (somehow this worked....maybe she wqas just horny afterall it was 3:30 int he morning and she was wearing a dress w/ no underwear)

She said, "yeah...totally...blah blah"

5 minutes later we were making out then I took her upsatirs on a tiny couch and tried to f*** her. People kep walking upostauirs every 5 minutes to use the bathroom so it didnt work out very well.

So I texted her the next day "I bet that couch was comfy w/ out my fat ass in it"

Her: "Yea. I slep so good. I woke up with my shows still on.'

Me: " Yea I know you kicked me thats why I left. Gotta run...talk toy uo later."

I think its about time to text her again its been two days and then maybe call her tomorrow for a 5 min chat.

Anyone got any good material???

Thanks for all the help!