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02-10-2008, 05:24 AM
I have been messing around with MM and magic bullets for points and stuff off and on for like 2 yr. I have never fully emeged my life into it because doing sports in school took up so much time and being in a sport and being good at it, if you are any good with spiting game, pussy is there for u. So now I have some time and a need to find a 9 or 10 hb wifey material and if not the right personilty a good time, and I am using the books MM and Magic bullets to help me get a head. So I like the greenry (doja,mary j) but I couldn't use it because of sports ,so now I am back using it along wit mm and when I go to clubs and house parties I think having good doja is a high value sign for chicks and doja lowers you aniexty but you don't lose cordination at low responisble levels such as 3 puffs of a j of good sativa stain green which will gets ur brain moving. It gives me enegry and I am kinda animated and my sets enjoy it cus I am naturally jokey but when I am high some things I say is comic sound material, great random openers too. IN comfort and seducation it is like a aphrodishac and girls tell me it makes sex more passionaite and make people thoughful of their partners need.
I won't always sarge under the THC influence because it has potential to be a handicap but as a kinda begineer ,it helps me lose any fears with the 9-10hb. I am not telling people to go out and smoke because some people abuse,misuse or don't like or need it like liquor.
I wanted to know if any one in this age group has had this same experience with doja.

02-12-2008, 06:59 PM

I recently FUCKED UP my game majorly by not realizing a girl wanted a Kiss close cauz I smoked her out for her first time. Thing is shes an HB9-10 and thinks me smoking her out with weed is a huge deal.

what to do...