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02-08-2008, 04:21 PM
Hi guys,

I just started the "game" a matter of weeks ago when I finally realized I was awful with girls. Ever since my start, my success with girls has been growing at an alarmingly noticeable rate. However, I'm still a 'noob' and figured it was time to get some real opinions from other dedicated individuals. I have been browsing these forums briefly for the past few weeks and have finally decided to throw some posts out there with some questions I have. So here goes:

Funny enough, my main success with women has come from 'sets' in class at my university. Mainly because these are the easiest to open when just starting out with the game. One set of mine (a two set) sits right in front of me with two HB 8.5's. The desks are arranged in rows of 2 seats and I have been opening up the girl to the right every class. In fact, she has even been opening me up by asking questions and throwing other random comments out there. So here comes my first question: Just the other day I notice she is constantly looking behind her in my direction. So being a friendly guy I say "hey Whats Up?". She then replies with "Hey, oh just so you know I wasn't looking at you or anything I was just... (then she makes some bs excuse which I couldn't really hear). A few classes back she also went to "stretch" by turning around in her seat as she says to me "I'm not looking at you, I'm just stretching". This really confused me as I have never heard a girl say this before. One of my guesses was that the friend sitting next to her (who is very shy and doesn't really talk when myself and her friend are talking) might have a crush on me and she doesn't want to offend her? Also, would this action/comment constitute as an IOI? Additionally, what does it mean and how should I try responding to such a comment? I'm guessing since she has said that a couple times already that it will most likely be said again.

Appreciate the help!

02-09-2008, 11:48 AM
It is an IOI, specifically a proximal IOI. You made a small mistake by calling her out on it (which communicates you aren't part of the "secret society"/socially calibrated), but it seems like she is still interested.

Her denying it is just because you caught her checking you out, and it would be awkward for her to just admit it (violation theory kind of applies here). You should have just waited for eye contact and gave her a 'knowing look', like you know that she is checking you out. It was socially wierd for you to call her on it. Your an alpha guy, you should be used to girls checking you out everywhere you go, and therefore you should understand this behaviour.

She's baiting you/checking you out, so game on man.