View Full Version : Flaked...and we working together tonight

02-08-2008, 09:54 AM
So this chick flaked on me for our outing yesterday. She had a valid excuse but if she really wanted to go, she couldve worked it out. She said "let's reschedule, Im sorry" And when I was like "No biggie", she repeated "Im sorry" I just hung up lol.

Anyways, I havent contacted her and usually go several days when something like this happens. But, we're both working tonight and whenever we work, she ALWAYS messages me and asks to meet up. I usually neg her with these messages, except she's got this thing she does when she wants to meet up. She won't even say she wants to meet up. She'll just say where she is as if that's a hint. When we first started meeting up, she'd ask to meet up. But one time, she simply told me where she was and I neg'ed her for being anti-social and she said "If I tell you where I am, that means I want you to meet up with me."

I wanna neg her big time tonight and make HER reschedule. Ideas?

02-08-2008, 06:31 PM
"If I tell you where I am, that means I want you to meet up with me."

Dude this is a pure power game. She wants you to make the first move, so that she can have the choice of either accepting or rejecting you, she wants the power, and if you keep on giving her the power, she will start rejecting you all of the time.

If she had said this to me, I would have replied with "Listen, I am a man, I am not good at reading hidden messages, in future, if you want to see me and meet up, just ask me. Okay?"