View Full Version : How long in each phase?

02-04-2008, 02:08 PM
A sticking point I'm having is how long I should spend DHVing. Should I just run the cube once, then assume I'm in A3? Do I just need to open, get a responce, and say "So tell me something about yourself, make it INTERESTING or I'll go find someone else to talk to" and bam I'm in A3?

Basically how long should each phase in the Mystery Method take?

02-04-2008, 08:32 PM
As long as needed. Each set you open will vary in time need for each phase. For example with night game at a party where people are drinking you can skip phases make direct openers etc... and they will be effective.
Day game its harder and you have to spend more time building comfort since the person is not out during the day to meet new people but to get their work done or w/e.

Each set varys. Once you do a lot of sets your supposed to get a feel for how long is needed in each phase and when to move on. For example in the attraction phase your supposed to keep building attraction till you see IOI than you move on. At first you may not be sure but later you should understand.

02-04-2008, 11:57 PM
Well first of all I would recommend picking up Magic Bullets, if you haven't allready since most of this stuff is outlined there. But I'll do a basic rundown.

First of all it depends on your opener, if you go direct and she is intrested then you are instantly in A3 no prior work is needed. As far as going indirect, you say the opener, bust on her/neg then you transition with a observation/statement/game(best friend test) then DHV then if you feel she is getting attracted try a small hoop, simple one word answers, then try bigger and bigger hoops until you get to the biggest ones for example "If everyone here looked like you, how would you stand out?" If she bites on it you know your in A3 and you can make her trully qualify, if she does not then you have to DHV somore more, throw some more negs, etc.