View Full Version : I got some questions

02-02-2008, 02:42 PM
Im new to this game I have gone out only 5 times and had awesome results. approach anxiety melts away with just a few approaches and im able to move into a set easily and throw negs and DHV and even get numbers and mayb a kiss or two. but In still got some questions.

I used a girl as a pivot and she opened my target set easily. however she was wasted and was like pulling me over cuz she was all over me. how do I get rid of a bad pivot without DLVing to my target?

At house partys I often run into the set several times and am forced to reopen 3 or 4 times any on how I can roam the room while maintinaning solid game?

What does it mean when a girl totally burns you. Does she lose value because everyone is now laughing and paying attention to you or does it lower your value cuz everyone is laughing at you

Any solid openers, negs, routines, gambits, or magic?