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01-30-2008, 10:50 AM
ok its being a hard long , long time since I started in the game, long time, even thoguh I started so early at like 14 , playing up with some david d material, I now know that its was all a natural process , and its now unconciusly competent, I need to pass it on an make you think a little bit about how much are you complicating the estuff , and not enjoying most of what you may want to call your life.

First|, if you agree you need a method for picking up girls , you are massively complicating stuff, for two reason , first , everything you believe to be true will be (pygmallion effect) , when you sign for a bootcamp, or buy an ebook , youre subconciously saying youre not natural and its complicated process the one of picking up, What if you belief its easy, natural and simple and you just have to refine some thoughts and vocal here and there? mannnn this was huge for me , huge huge, I mean if you realize that anything you think will be true will , wouldnt it be cool if you think its simple?
would it?

By pygmallion effetct you can count on it, for you guys who hadnt have seen the movie the secret is a must for every aspiring pickup artist, second it places stress under the facts and get your mind moving saat solo logical projection (as the men we are supposed to be) .

What if I can modify you in a paragraph and contrtibute just as simple? heres the button pushing for massive success...

Vocal Projection (getting loud is getting laid), plotlines (you are going to be my) , learn some push pulll, and last but never least ASSUME SUCCESS (EVERY GIRL YOU TALK TIO IS YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND , YOU DONT NEED TO CONVINCE HER FOR ANYTHING , YOU ALREADY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES AND YOU CANT FAIL BECAUSE FAIL IS NOT EVEN IN YOUR REALITY) Thats simply it , reread it if you must.

If you get this youll get there, also the fact that becoming a natural is not a s simple , also cant get you there CONTROL YOUR THOUGHT LET SUCCESS AND LEARNING HAPPEN AND MOVE ON.

01-30-2008, 01:07 PM