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01-28-2008, 12:54 PM
This might be too long but hopefully it is somewhat amusing.

I've been social but not really outgoing for most of my school career (like I partied but wasn't really that close with anyone) so I decided to try to step up my game. I'm focusing this semester on expanding my social circle.

I don't really have anything to do at my apartment so I'm getting a sick TV. Probably like a 48" flat screen 1080p or something. I have a PS3 to play movies and stuff on. I'm open to suggestions on what else to add for my room.

I realized that although my attire is nice (mostly American Eagle), I didn't have enough variety and was kind of bland so I went out and got some fancier clothes. I got some pretty sick jeans, jackets, polos... still need shoes I'm open to suggestions here. I'm a size 15 if it matters (they are kind of a pain in the ass to get).

Fortunately my years of playing World of Warcraft didn't prevent me from developing social skills so my horizon is expanding pretty fast. I don't really have any approach anxiety so the meet part is no problem, attract and close has been a bit of a problem but probably because I'm hitting on girls who are out of my league (FOR NOW) and most have been in a relationship.

My grades will probably improve because going to class is a lot more fun when I'm attempting to game anything with a vagina.

Here are some recent mediocre-at-best trip reports in 1 paragraph or less... I'm open to suggestions on improvements here:

TR1) Chem class, its boring as shit. Come in late and obviously sit next to the hottest girl I can find, we talked a little but not much. It wasn't awkward but I didn't really have much to say at the time. I'm doing the tic-tac-toe move if this situation arises again. We talk about how class sucks, class ends, we leave.

TR2) In Spanish class, no book, teacher tells me to share with someone, obviously I share with the hot chick (HB7) next to me, we talk a bit, teacher asks me what I wear to be sexy, I suck at Spanish so I look at the book for something in the picture, girl points to SOCKS or whatever it is in Spanish so I say that, teacher says "what else?" so I say "NO MAS" for NOTHING ELSE. People laugh, I get out of class as girl is walking out, we talk while walking and have a decent conversation, she is surprisingly intelligent and seems very classy, she asks my name, I tell her, she asks for my last name (gonna stalk me on facebook for sure), I tell her, she gives me her first/last name, I ask if she has another class (I was gonna go to IHOP so if she said no she was getting an invitation), she said she had another. I ate IHOP myself. Added her on facebook. Was adding her a mistake or should I have waited to see if she added me? We both have private profiles and I wanted to see if she had a boyfriend (she did, I also found out she is 27 wtf). She sat near-but-not-next-to me in class today so I think she is just friendly but not interested.

TR3) Long story short, someone I haven't met knocks on my door and invites me to a party in the apartment complex. Obviously I go, I get smashed and try to meet some people. I met an HB7.5 (I meet lots of 7.5s from this point forward). We talk, I sort of get isolation with this one on a balcony but our backs are facing other people there. She seems kind of interested but I don't really see any opportunity to close. She eventually leaves. The hottest remaining girl is an HB7.5 with fake boobs. I would have guessed that she was just lucky but she made a couple references to paying for them or being worried about popping them. I could have just been missing out on an inside joke but whatever. There are like 8 of us in a room with a 4:1 snake to beaver ratio talking. Fake Boobs is talking about her boyfriend sticking it in for like 2 pumps then pulling out and saying he has to take a leak. She asks what she should say. I suggest she says "WHAT THE FUCK?" People laugh. She asks why he would have to keep going to the bathroom. I suggest that he might be beating off thinking about Kobe Bryant. People laugh harder. No iso or anything, party dies down.

TR4) Out to eat with roommate. HB6.5 waitress. Standard semi-social convo while ordering food. I had no intention of gaming this one. Roommate tells me she is engaged, I ask how he knows, he says she has a ring, some stuff happens, he implies that I'm too shy to talk to her, waitress comes back, I say "ARE YOU ENGAGED?" She smiles, says yes and explains that the ring is actually a fake from Walmart or something until the real one comes back from the jeweler. She asks why, I tell her that I was going to propose but someone beat me to it. She laughs and conversation ensues. She explains that nobody else there is engaged so they are all potential targets. I don't propose to anyone else (but I considered it).

TR5) First day of Chem Lab. I get there early, there are lots of empty seats because not many people are there yet but I sit directly next to hottest girl there anyways because I have balls of steel. I talk to her, she seems more interested than the others. I guess at the time that for once I found a hot chick that is single. She is an HB7.5 but with braces. Her body is FINEEEEEE but I don't know how many points the braces take off. I open by introducing myself (pretty sure this is better than anything canned on first day of class), we talk about classes but nothing cool (NOTE FOR LATER: TALK ABOUT THINGS THAT AREN'T BORING). I'm pretty lively anyways and she seems kind of interested. Class goes on, conversation dies down a little during lecture type introduction. My cell phone went off really loudly. This was kind of obnoxious but it probably looked decent cuz I have a sweet phone and I'm obviously HELLA POPULAR cuz im getting phone calls. Not much talking. I was going to converse with her on the way out of the building because we have to walk down like 47,000 flights of stairs and possible ask if she wanted to go eat or something since we got out of class early. She said "it was nice meeting you" before I could transition into something interesting. This may have been an IOD because it kind of closed the conversation. It would have been awkward to continue so I just left. I facebook stalked her and she is single. If I add her I think it will be a DLV from me, but the class only meets once a week so someone else could be parking the beef bus in tuna town by next time we meet. Either way I want to be sure I don't get stuck with a fatty as my lab partner.

Summary of questions:

-What cool shit can I get for my room?
-What shoes should I get to go with polo shirts and cargo/khaki/jean pants?
-What could I have improved in TR2?
-What is my next move in TR5?