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01-21-2008, 02:47 AM
So i saw my Ex GF on facebook last week and boy is she lookign hottttttt!
It has been 8 months since i dumped her and she obviously has been taking care off herself!

I wont go into massive details by why we broke up, but i still have kind of feelign for her, as you alsways do with an ex!

So i call her up yesterday and tell her that i am going to her home town next weekend and so it would be cool for us to meet up! After an initail ...welll i am busy...i decided to take it back a step build comfort and then re asked her later..to which shhe accepted!

Now i am interested in thinking how you can play this set!

I remember ages ago i met up with an HOT EX and i tried to K close her in the first 5 mins, for which i never recovered!
However as she is my previosu LT GF she knows alot about me , however has not seen me as a PUA before so this is what i was thinking of doing!

1. Peacocking-
2.Neg her good looks ( as now she knows that she is a 9)
3. build comfort by remembering the past,
4. push pull
5. New DHV stories that she would not have heard me mention before,

Basically treat it as a set...however HOW WOULD YOU DO THIS?

01-21-2008, 08:04 AM
Man......She's your ex. Move on...

Phoenix Lune
01-21-2008, 08:32 AM
I know what its like to have a quality ex man....so this is what i would as you want to game her for an f-close right or do you want to rekindle the first option!

But this is what i would do:
1. Meet her on your terms, maybe in a neutral place, some where that is not hers at least
2. Get social proof from friends, waitresses just run small game on others, do not hit on others as she may think that you are a jerk!
3. Neg her looks, not too harshly but do neg her teeth...remember throw and go
4. throw in a few DHVs, if you have friends with you let them run DHVs
5. Then build comfort, take her back to the great days that you had together adn close!

You may experiecne the " i have moved on approach" from her so be prepared for this!

If you chucked her she will miss you, show her that you care for her but not that you have been missing every day since you broke up.... kind of like the scene in Swingers!

Hope it goes well!

01-21-2008, 06:16 PM
never go back to the well...

01-21-2008, 06:28 PM
she would still have feelings for you man. You dumped her remember. She may be playing it cool like she's not bothered and shit but trust me, she'll still like you. I'm probably meeting up with one of my exs soon to go and shoot some pool. We both enjoy the game and it would be nice to catch up. Like you, i ended it with her. I know i could fuck close her cuz she'll still like me. Probably even more now that im more alpha etc than before. But at the end of the day... i still have distant feelings for her too. I'm not going to even attempt to fuck her because that'll only connect me with her again. She's on my no go list. They're an ex for a reason. Plenty more women out there to connect with.