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01-2008-14, 09:45 AM
One of my little field-tested gambits, it keeps getting great responses.

I actually thought it up when doing some online game and used a variation as part of my opener when I saw that one of the things she hated was people staring at her chest. But it works better in the field if you are good at storytelling. The way you project your voice, pace and express yourself is key to this, if you just real it off I highly doubt it will have the desired effect.

Anyway, it goes something like this:

(Do this first bit very slow and mellow)
"Imagine this; you're walking home by yourself after a long days shopping. You're tired, but the sun's setting and just as it peaks out from behind the clouds, you feel the warmth on your back, filling you with a relaxing energy."

(speed up this next bit, you need to create a short feeling of shock)
"Just then, a horrible grey bearded bum jumps out from the side alley you're walking past. Holding a cheap bottle of whiskey wrapped in a plastic bag in one hand and scowling at your chest."

(slow down again to create suspence)
"Just at that moment, a wave of doubt flows through you... (decent pause)... Should you ... (pause)... (and speed up again now) have bought the red shoes instead of the black ones, sure the black ones go well with most things, but the red were just so pretty."

They love this from my experience!

It gets their imagination flowing, as you describe the sun coming out, they feel that warmth even if it's at 2am and it relaxes them too.

Then you surprise them & they feel a little bit of the fear they would if a bum had just jumped out on them. Plus it makes them a little self-concious about their chest, yet at the same time it's almost a compliment.

Then the next slow bit, you create the suspense, they have alot of thoughts flowing through their head about what would happen next, what they would do in that situation - before you've even asked them anything.

Finally you make them laugh when you come out with something completely unexpected about their shopping earlier in the day.

Thought I'd share that little gambit with you, enjoy :)

Or if you see any way to improve it, let me know. In the field I probably tell it slightly differently every time, I don't like to memorise a story verbatim because it sounds like you're reading a script. Just remember the ideas and fill in the blanks as you go.

01-2008-14, 03:03 PM
That's pretty good. Makes for a nice mini-emotional roller coaster, which is great!

01-2008-14, 03:49 PM
That's pretty good. Makes for a nice mini-emotional roller coaster, which is great!

Glad you like it bud :)