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01-2008-12, 09:59 PM
For all you new guys, this is as simple as it gets. If you can't get a woman to answer a simple question like this, then you have some other kind of issues you need to address.

Credit for this goes to Revolution:

Today, I went to Borders and then to Barnes & Nobles and tried out a new opener. This is probably the best opener I've used so far, with 100% consistency. I approached seven sets (single girl, 3 mixed sets and 3 all-girl sets).

First, though let me point out: do not be a lurker in the bookstore. It should appear as though you're just doing your own thing, and she just happens to be there. So, as usual, open over the shoulder, making sure you don't talk too fast or too soft.

What you need: Two books.

I used two books: "Why Men Love Bitches" and "Real Love."

Opener = Open the set with:

"Hey, guys, I can only get one book, so which one should it be? 'Why Men Love Bitches?' Or 'Real Love?'"

Show her/them the two books, and get their opinion.

If she/they hesitate for a second, throw in a quick neg like, "C'mon, now, this isn't a trick question." Or you can start humming the Final Jeopardy theme. :p

Then stack into another routine.

The names of the books, by themselves, give you something to stack with. "Why Men Love Bitches?" :eek: C'mon, I could go ten different ways just with that. :D

Try it out, and let me know what you guys think! :cool:

01-2008-13, 05:10 AM
Nice work Jedi!

Similar to the "which cologne do you like better" routine and many other questions, women are generally helpful and will respond to questions like this and many others.

It helps make ALL openers like this more effective if you put yourself in the frame of mind of actually wanting to know what she says. Root the opener -- Jedi's reason for asking is he can only get one. Otherwise, you come off like you're taking a survey.