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01-2008-12, 03:30 PM
I actually happened to stumble upon this serendipitously... I was out at a bar (I'm not from the States) and two random guys I talked to each independently asked me if I am from Xxx. I improvised instantly and told one of them I am going to use this to help us get to talk to some girls and one guy played along and so I discovered this opener and it worked pretty good (3 email closes). Now for the opener

PUA: Hey guys, I'm going to ask you a quick question and I need to report it back to my friends over there... Quick first impression take on me, where do you think I am from?

HB's: Blah blah/lemme hear you speak more/I don't know

PUA: There's a reason/story behind this question. Last night I was out with three girls and my other friend and one random person asked me if I am from Xxx.. I said politely "No, I'm from Yyy". Then another girl I was talking to at the bar goes "Are you by any chance from Xxx?" and I am puzzled as I am clearly not from there. We all head out finally after a fun night and the cab driver and I get chatting and he goes "Man, can I ask you something? Are you from Xxx?" ;) I just wanted to check if it was something about last night or what?

go into second routine.