View Full Version : Juggling Women

01-2008-11, 04:38 PM
I have two meaningful LTRs. I go out with them when I want to have female companionship or have fun with them - sex with either. My real question is that I ideally would like to see them but I'm not looking for the baggage that comes with relationships - I don't care to talk about the non-sense of they're day, I may not want them around more then once or twice a week for hang out purposes. The problem is I'll usually talk to them once a day when I'm in the states (half the time in Brazil) and they'll consistently want to see me.

Other then only having brief convos - what do you tell them. "I'm busy" - "I don't want to see you that much?", "yes I'm leaving in 4 days, no you most likely won't see me until I'm back", - It's a trouble I'm having - any help.

I like the juggling but it's getting draining.

Oh - FYI they both know I'm not exclusive and that I date multiple women. They both accept that, but I try not to rub it in they're face "I'm going out to meet better women" - I'd feel like an A-hole