View Full Version : I got AMOGed

01-2008-11, 12:18 AM
But I am still gunna try to hit that sht. She kept telling me to get her # from her friend who's # I already have. Now what I plan on doing is waiting until I run into her again at the place I saw her at tonight; She is an 8.5+ but really a slut; still, she's hot as hell and I'll post pics of her when I get them. But do you think I should wait (which I think) or give her a call via getting her # from her friend? She is former east bloc soviet state (Ukraine?_) and I'm not quite sure how the cultural differences work. I dont' think her friend wants me... I tried to F-close her (friend) but all I ended up was a Kiss close... she's leaving for military service in less than 2 weeks. Anyhow, any advice would be great... I think I'm right on how I plan to handle it but any advice would be great. If I could screw her tommarrow it would be nice but I suspect patients is the key here. Thanks