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01-2008-10, 02:05 PM
I am 75% done with the Game. And its entertaining and gives a few good tips, but it seems as if its rather a story of these PUA's? Where is all the hard tactics and strategies?

I also took advice from Neil and began reading the Huna way (matering your hidden self) I am on chapter 3 and its seems like alot of mumbo jumbo? I feel like i got tricked into buying this book, Im not interested in learning to speak hawaiin or going insane reading about ego, superego, conscious, subconscious????

what is going on? Is this a marketing scheme for these books?

01-2008-10, 02:49 PM
The Game is just a story of one man's journey from AFC to PUA. Although it does introduce several concepts of the community, it's not really a guide in that sense.

Is there a marketing scheme for these books? I would say it goes beyond the books, people are trying (and succeeding) to make a living off teaching pua ways to the masses. Is this a bad thing? No. Is there a risk that you might end up buying Robert Greene's Art of Seduction? Yep.

IMO there are really two types of books in the community. There are those that lay it out for you to play it out. Mystery's book is a good example of that. Then there are those that focus more on the theorycraft behind the community. These books can be about persuasion, compliance gaining, hypnosis, self confidence, power management etc. Generally they aren't so much about being pua as they are about topics that a person can integrate to become a better pua. Books like these are not really for beginners, they are for people who understand the forest before the trees and can take the principles they offer and incorporate them into their own personal game.

I think you would be happier with Mystery's book. It's a no nonsense approach to Mystery's method, from opening to closing. It has all the "tactics and strategies" you will need to get you started.

01-2008-10, 03:13 PM
thanks!! LOL ...However im a week to late, already purchased the art of seduction, this is sooo funny!!

Anyways , I also did purchase the mystery method at the same time, so i already have it.....

I'll start that when i am fully completed with the game...

From my understand mastering your hidden self was a guide to higher confidence but its basically a guide to speaking a hawaiin..any reccomends for some real ass confidence building books? Overall im pretty damn confident in all aspects of life other than speaking to groups and being the center of attention....thats what i want to build

01-2008-10, 03:17 PM
Ha ha ha!!
Same thing here...but here is a good tip on a book,
"how to become an alpha male" By John Alexander.

01-2008-10, 03:30 PM
[QUOTE=PleasureXXX;372155]thanks!! LOL ...However im a week to late, already purchased the art of seduction, this is sooo funny!!/QUOTE]

Heh. Although Greene's other book, 48 rules of power or whatever has been highly touted on these boards. I remember when i was in the bookstore i was debating between Art of Seduction and 48 rules and, obviously, i choose wrong.

Mystery's book is great, the only drawback is that it is full of a lot of information. If you read a hundred pages in one sitting you will be digesting a huge amount of information. My advice is to take notes and start a journal.