View Full Version : Women are programmed to play games?

01-09-2008, 11:36 PM
Ok, having little to no experience before discovering the community, now that I keep interacting with the opposite sex I see something that needs investigation. I am able (at last) to get dates frequently enough and this is a clear indicator of my progress. But, as long as I passed through the initial phase of the game (day of the approach) and started dating women, I noticed something very interesting. Women have a GREAT tendency to play games. For example, not answering an occasional message or answering with great delay, telling that they are not sure if they can go out (when I propose) with me the day I told them to (I don't mean Day2 which would just mean 'flake', I mean beyond Day2 and for one Day only - they may agree the next time I ask them out), not answering a phonecall immediately and calling a few hours later, etc.

The thing is that I understand those games and they seem pretty stupid (I catch them all the time - I don't mean I tell them, I just know). They also lower a woman's value in my eyes, they seem pretty childish.

So my question is simple: Is this happening only to me, or it is a common concept? Are you experiencing games too? How often? What games have you encountered?

01-10-2008, 05:40 AM
Depends on the woman really. Some might be truely busy or at work or with a family member or whatever. Some of course do play games. Some use guys for ego boost or to see if u will keep up. Anyway I do believe that if a girl is attratced to you she ll bypass many games.
I havent had any of those signs for a long time. Only lately from a girl that works on weird hours (flight attendant) and calls me when she is on the ground. Ofcourse I dont ask her to give me her daily work program. But ofcourse thats only one in many. But ye as long as u do a good job in attracting her u ll see that some games will disappear. Testing always happens even inside a relationship.

01-10-2008, 05:47 AM
Don't be friggin' paranoid.

The fact that women think differently than men, especially about time, friends, talking, relationships, communication, and math, doesn't mean they are "playing games," any more than a dog is "playing games" when he wags his tail.

Men are more direct, make plans more easily, are often more goal-directed in their scheduling of things and more.

However, all of the things you complained about in your post are things I've seen guys do as well. I know guys who are such fucking space cadets it's amazing they ever get out of their houses. They overlook questions in email messages, don't return calls and are generally unreliable.

I also know women who are prompt, responsive, reliable and will hang in there when there's a problem long after the guys have gone home.

If you see women through a lens, you will continue to get what you're looking for.

EVERYONE plays games to varying degrees.

Am I "playing a game" when I "freeze out" a chick who rejects kino escalation? Of course. Does it work? So far, so good. Am I "playing a game" when I tell a long-winded friend that I have a meeting and can't stay on the phone? Yes.

We are all salesmen to some degree, male or female. We do it our entire lives as a way of getting things we want, and there's nothing wrong with that. Unless you're holding a gun to someone's head.

If you suspect a chick isn't being genuine and her way of doing that annoys you, move on to another chick. But even the most honest and sincere women still have their own way of getting what they need from the universe. If that's going to irritate you, get off the bus now, because it doesn't change.

And that's not a bad thing.

After all, if everyone behaved in perfectly predictable ways, this spinning blue marble would get boring as hell real fast.

Read Magic Bullets and you'll learn how to communicate and plan with women more effectively. :)