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01-2008-09, 10:49 PM
I wrote this in my blog...link is at the bottom...

What is up guys?!?! Here are my NYE resolutions summed up shortly. I could of went into more depth of why I am doing certain things but I just thought I would toss some cool concepts/strategies for developing dynamite habits and internalizing shit…

- Read 1 book a week.

- Write something in my Social Skillz journal every night before I go to bed. Even it is simply “I exited the house.” This will get me into the habit of going through the action of journalizing, and I feel journalizing can make me lethal about my PUA goals.

-Internalizing my PUA “strategies” by looking over all my notes before I go to bed. Then they are in the back of mind during the day, and I can act more in the moment.

- Anyone who enters my arm length for 3 seconds I will talk to them. This will keeps me in the habit of being social, and building my state…allowing for it to build throughout the day. This will keep me socially fresh and calibrated at all times. My new schedule is setup so I will be forced to leave the house everyday. This sounds simple, but IT IS VERY A KEY HABBIT. I know if I keep putting myself into social situations I will only increase my success with meeting people.

- Kino and make eye contact with everyone I talk to! This will allow for me to internalize develop the routine of kinoing EVERYONE! So then when it is game time, I won’t have to consciously waste energy on thinking about doing it. I have both of these down pretty well, but I want fully internalize them.

- Slow down everything in my body, and fully submerge myself in the moment and present. This concept is coming from the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. My favorite book of by 2008! It took two readings of this book to for it to all really hit me. This will also help slow down my voice, and body language to other things I want to continue to tone.

I really want to break down the pick up process again trying to make everything as simple as I can in my head…. so I can think less about PUA and act more, being fully in the moment. I want to relearn everything.