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01-08-2008, 08:54 PM
I know theres a fair bit to read but any help would be appreciated. So I'm only new to the game and the community, but since reading The Game 3 weeks ago I've been out a few times and probably opened around 10 sets. My problem seems to be that I can open them, but then forgot what material to use even though I've got a lot off openers/DHV routines/games etc. written down and memorized.

So I've decided to write out a whole routine from start to finish and try to just memorize this one complete routine and then go out and use it over and over so I can get it perfect. Obviously in certain situations it might have to be altered, but I want to try and use every part off it as often as possible.

So any advice or things I should change before I go out and field test it? I've field tested pieces of the routine but never tested it all as a complete routine.

Routine #1:
1. ‘Are you guys friendly?’
No – ‘Haha I didn’t think so my mate said you were but I thought you weren’t, guess I was right’
2. If they say yes ‘Opinion opener – ‘The other night our group of friends were all saying how we met each other, anyway a girl who’s dating my mate said she was seeing someone else when they first started dating, would you be upset?’’
3. ‘I gota get back to my friends but while I’ve got you I need your opinion on something else’
4. Neg, nice tan is it fake? / Nice eyes can I touch them? / Is your friend always this cold?
5. ‘We were having a conversation earlier on, and is khaki a color or a material?’
6. ‘Cool thanks for your help’ Turn around to walk off, but then turn back around ‘seeing as you’ve been so helpful, I’m going to ask you 5 quick questions, and if you get them all wrong, I’ll buy you and your friend your next drink, sound good? But if you get one right you have to buy me a drink’ (Styles 5 question routine)
7. Exit ‘I really should get back to my friends’ leave and go to friends or go to bar
8. Re-open later in the night, ‘I’m sorry I tricked you before, I’ll give you one more chance, if you can tell me how many 9’s there are between 1 and 100, in 30 seconds, then you’ll get the drink’ (Mystery’s 9’s game)
9. ‘Why am I so drawn to you, you’ve gota rationalize this for me, sure your good looking but beauties common, theres heaps of good looking girls here, tell me 3 things that make you different from them’ Blah blah ‘There’s 4 things I look for in a girl: good personality, good energy and good outlook, you’ve got 2 of the 3 so your going ok’
10. ‘So what’s the <insert name> story? what are you passionate about? How do you earn a living?’
11. ‘Is that what you saw yourself doing when you were a little girl, if not what did you want to do?’
12. Have you heard of the cube visualization technique, my brothers doing psychology at uni and he taught it to me, I’ve never tried it before, so it might suck, but lets give it a shot’
13. ‘So what’s your special power, everyone has a special power’ Blah blah ‘Mines that I’m an awesome kisser, give me your hand and I’ll show you’ ‘What would you rate it out of 10’ ‘WHAT, you think you could do better, you try then’

01-09-2008, 04:05 PM
General guidelines and a plan is great to have. I wont comment on the routine because I havent used it and I dont know if it actually works but I can only say that stuff dont go your way most of the time. People are dynamic creatures meaning that you must expect 1000 different reactions. Meaning you must have fun while u there and also have a flow. Meaning that u cant really program when u ll say what. because u interract with em. If you make it like a social robot you ll be like reading a script sometimes u might get the girl but where is the fun on that?
good job on putting the steps down though. Go out have some fun. After u use the same lines every time you ll start remembering em and u ll remember routines that suit the situation that they you are in.
Again I wont comment on the routine since u havent given us any feedback if it works or no.:)

There’s 4 things I look for in a girl: good personality, good energy and good outlook, you’ve got 2 of the 3 so your going ok’

4 things and u tell her that she has 2 out of 3?:p

01-09-2008, 05:09 PM
Ohh yeah thats just a typo. I've added intelligence to the list (instead of just using mysterys 3 energy, personality, outlook) I'll tell her she has 2 out of 4, then she'll hopefully ask which ones (i'll tell her shes got energy and a good personality). Then get her to explain her outlook on life, and test her intelligence with the 9's game.

I see what your saying though in that the conversation won't flow exactly the way I've written it, and that'll I have to just flow with the normal course of conversation, but I think it will be good to have a fall back plan.

I'll field test it on Sunday night and let you know how it works out...

01-09-2008, 05:48 PM
I only said that it would feel weird to drop subjects out of the blue. for example the dental flosh (or how u call it) opener goes well with the U and C smiles and so on:)

01-09-2008, 11:38 PM
Theorycraft is bad, and wildly rampant on these boards.

Go out and try it. Who cares what people think or say here. You will learn more running that routine once than ten pages of posts will ever teach you.

01-13-2008, 03:30 PM
Success (Almost):
Well I tested my routine last night, and I'm happy to say it worked a treat. I opened up a two set (HB8 and HB1) with the 'you know its rude to stare at someone and not say hello' she said she wasn't but i moved into my opinion opener and she seemed hooked, I then asked her ugly friend her opinion and she was like 'I don't know' (she seemed shy and insecure). I then transitioned and moved into the 'khaki opinion question' and ignored the ugly girl. I then told her since she'd been so helpful I'd buy her a drink if she could get 5 questions wrong in a row, of course she failed.This was all taking place right next to the dance floor so it was quiet loud and I had her leaning in whispering into my ear. We then talked crap for a while, I made her guess my age and she showed me photos on her phone of where she used to live in Brazil (I don't remember how this came up, but it seemed good she was opening up to me and a definite IOI) So I asked the ugly friend if I could borrow her for 5 minutes and I took the HB8 inside to a quieter location. She told me she was there with her boyfriend of 5 months and that he was in the toilet vomiting, I paid him out and the moved to mysteries tell me 3 interesting things about herself. This one worked a treat and she seemed hooked, I then asker her opinion on life and explained mine and told how we only had limited time on earth and have to make the most of our opportunities, by this stage I'd developed good rapport and kino. Then out of the blue her ugly friend turns up cause she had been lonely outside by herself (my wing wasn't out with me so I couldn't get him to stall the ugly girl). So I talked to them both inside for a while and then the 3 of us went back outside to dance. But after a few minutes outside the mood was gone and I exited (I should have #closed) It was pretty eye-opening how she fell for all the crap I was talking, it worked like a charm lol

Earlier in the night this HB8 who I'd meet 6 weeks ago (before reading The Game when i was a pure AFC). When I met her I asked her 2 questions, what was her name and had she been to the club before, and then i stalled. Anyway the rets of the night she kept looking at me and following me around so she still seemed keen even though I'd stuffed up. Well last night I saw her again and she was doing the same thing, standing right beside us and kept looking at me. But I didn't have the balls to go and talk to her, even though i could tell she definitely wanted me to. The only reason I can come up with why she would be interested is I had excellent social proof. I was with a large group of people (30+) and had quite a few HB9-10's with us and and we were all dancing and having a good time and we seemed like the alpha group of the club.