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01-07-2008, 04:58 PM
Ok. This is odd. About three months ago, just before I started getting into the PU scene, I went out with some friends on a night out. I was after this gorgeous RedHeadHB9, but she passed out which meant game over. Anyway, I got chatting to her friend, who is this gorgeous french girl HB8.5. After a while I get her number.

The next day I text her in french, asking her if she got home ok. No reply. I give up and move on.

Today, whilst I'm at the gym, FrenchGirl calls me. I still had the number in my phone, and I was pretty surprised. So I call her back.

Bandit: Hello
FrenchGirl: Hi
Bandit: Hi, yeah I got a call on this number earlier. Who is this? (can't make it too easy for them ;))
FrenchGirl: It's _NAME_.
Bandit: _NAME_... Oh yeah, _NAME_! Hey how's it going. We haven't spoken for ages.

We fluff talk a bit. I was trying not to laugh, as she was asking me the exact same question I'd have asked a girl had I been phoning her up. More fluff and banter and then she says.

FrenchGirl: FrenchBlonde (shared friend) and I are going out for drinks next week. Would you like to come along?
Bandit: Next week. Yeah I can probably make that. Why don't you text me when you've sorted it out.

I hung up... a little surprised. I would never have expected this... I mean it's simply odd isn't it? Three months....

On reflection, the thing that makes me believe she's interested in picking me up is the fact that she phoned me to invite me to this thing next week. No way she would have done that unless she was interested, as logically it would make much more sense for the shared friend to invite me along.

This could become interesting.

And yet, this is a discussion as I would like a second opinion. Anyone reckon I'm simply deluded, or see another explination? Different points of view would be welcome.


01-07-2008, 10:41 PM
Expect her to have a boyfriend in tow and her try to set you up with her friend. I had a HB call me up once out of the blue like that and that's exactly what ended up happening. At least the friend she brought was pretty decent. I ended up becoming really good friends with her brother actually and we still talk from time to time and forward emails to each other.