View Full Version : A simple yet ballsy kino opener.(DHV)

01-06-2008, 10:37 PM
You can open however you want but heres a simple example
Me: blah blah my names chuk and you are?
HB hey my name is blah blah
ME: nice to meet you hb
Then extend you hand for a handshake and kiss thee front of her hand.
Results may vary but depening on delivery and the chick, she will either get freaked and leave or be impressed that you are comfortable with her. If you get a positive result it is much easier to initiate kino because you already give the vibe that you are Higher value and you aren't afraid to kino. Very ballsy

Their was one instance where a girl asked, why did you kiss my hand, and i said "Your not special, i always introudce myself to women like that(not excat words but you get the jist). Automatically dhv and a neg it's perfect.

Field tested and has actually lead to faster kino and kissing. Try it out:cool: