View Full Version : What's the best way to isolate in this case?

01-2008-06, 09:51 PM
Hey guys.

FWIW, consider me an AFC with some good amount of reading behind him. The next few weeks will hold a lot of sarging by myself in Montreal. Wish me luck.

A couple of months ago I invited a friend of a friend to drop by my place to watch the hockey game on TV and then go out. She accepted. Came with a friend of hers, our friend in common only spent 20 mins here and then had to split. So the 3 of us spent some time at my place and then we went to a bar. I got stuck at DHV storytelling and never got to isolate the girl. The switch from qualification to comfort never happened.

At first I thought I had exaggerated my DHVs (thought I was downright too cocky), but apparently it was just fine: I sent the girl an email asking her out and she said yes. Now she just sent me an email saying that her friend wants to come too to "make a repeat of the last time". I'm thinking about calling a friend so he blocks the friend for me.

So I have 2 questions for you:

1. Should I just drop this and not bother?
2. If it's worth one last try, can I just pick up where I stopped (qualification) and try to move to comfort or should I go to straight to comfort (if I get to isolate her)?


01-2008-07, 12:00 AM
Hmm, sounds like she could be shit testing you. You could go along with your idea of inviting a buddy and tell her "that's cool, in that case I'll bring a friend along for your friend", or you could perhaps try "that's not the deal, I have a surprised planned and it only works if it's two of us" - then get a restaurant reservation for two or some other thing sorted out that involves reservations and two people.

And in any case, don't get oneitis and carry on trying to meet other women.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on.


01-2008-07, 01:29 AM
Having friends (obstacles) around only complicates things. Unless you and your buddy have descent game you run the risk of not getting anywhere (again).

It's hard to say whether she's even "attracted" to you( after a couple of months). If she wants to bring the friend she's likely not "there" yet, and her friend isn't necessarily gonna help you two hook up. Or she's just doing what she's programmed to do, wich is make you wait.

I'd find some way to cancel, or run tighter game and get her out alone.

01-2008-07, 02:34 AM
She is bringing the friend along for one of two reasons: 1. She isn't interested and needs somebody else there to releave the tension (ie. she tells her friend "don't let us hook up tonight") or 2. She isn't comfortable enough with you alone or isn't sure about you and she doesn't want to be stuck in a weird situation that she doesn't know how to get out of.

I would let her friend come along and plan to "spontaniously" meet up with one of your friends an hour or so later (in other words, have your wing/other friend call you to see what your up to and wanting to hang out... or tell them prior to meeting up with the girls where you are going to be and meet them there "unexpectantly")

To answer your question.. whenever you meet a girl again it is usually best to start with attraction all over again.

01-2008-07, 07:40 AM
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I think I'm with The Boss on this one. Get a wing to block the friend out, restart everything with attraction all over again. If that doesn't work nothing else will, so I'm moving to the next one.