View Full Version : How can I get her alone?

01-2008-06, 08:44 PM
I work as a waiter and one of the waitresses there is one of the most beautiful girls I've seen. She looks like a Disney character: big blue eyes with long black hair and a curvy body.

Anyways she is engaged and her fiance works with us also. All the other guys there try to be as nice as possible to her hoping she'll start to like them but not me. I neg the hell out of her. I tell her how annoying she is, that she is gaining weight, that she is always in my way etc. And she loves it! I don't think she's used to guys negging her.

Now she is always trying to find excuses to touch me and sometimes she'll even slap me on the ass when I walk by. All definite IOIs.

The only problem is How do I get her alone? How do I get her away from her fiance to come to my house?

01-2008-20, 06:52 PM
i understand were your coming from....what your trying to do is borderline unethical dude....shes got alot invested if shes engaged and is probely thinking about the wedding I.E you have to have so solid game to break her investment...and u can't get her alone because its going to have to be a long A2 phase.....story telling and make your A3 very very subtly and gain some nice rapport...besides that she has some intrest but remember attraction is a bride to comfort...anything else its is but a vapor...have some rapport building conversations with A2 in their.