View Full Version : kino escalation while watching movies

01-2008-06, 07:38 PM
what would be a good way to increase kino and kiss the girl during a movie?

01-2008-09, 02:38 AM
go caveman with the kino.

01-2008-09, 09:52 PM
hmm, it may depend on what type of movie it is...
Do the one, uhmm, the one that you pretend to yawn and stretch and you put your arm around hers.
And make sure your close enough to do it. and that arm rest may be a hazard, so think about it.

And After you do it....

-if she gets closer to you, your good.
-Or if it may feel kinda weird for the both of you, look at her and laugh a little/giggle/smile:)

01-2008-09, 10:04 PM
I actually posted this on the stylelife and dallaspua boards first, but here goes my take on movie theatre kino:

Before the movie I usually like to engage in a pre-movie thumb wrestle....

Right before the first preview (as you see the lights dimming) I say "Oh, check it out (as if i am about to tell her something)... (grab her knee and face her, looking into her eyes about the time the "This preview has been approved for general audiences..." is going away) and then when you hear the first sound effect turn towards the screen, with your hand still on her leg.... then face her and say "Nevermind ill tell you later" ( pat her thigh and remove hand from leg and lean away in your chair)

Those 2 things raise her compliance threshhold for the rest of the interaction. It is an extremely fast escalation, the thumb wrestling just introduces her to the fact that you'll be touching her, and the knee is sorta the same as touching her elbow, with the exception that its more intimate. If you want, instead of leaving your hand on her knee while you talk, you can sorta pat it like this, (Grab knee) Oh (release) check it (grab) out (release)... Today I saw(grab) this midget(release)..

That is also equally as effective or has been for me in raising the threshhold.

After that it shouldnt be to hard to transition to hand holding or her leaning on you.

I usually dont put my arm around the girl unless several of things are met... 1) the theatre has the chairs that let you lift the armrest, 2) we are already hold hands, 3) she is leaning into me.

You want her leaning into you. So when you do the rapid fire kino you lean away(takeaway), then as the preview starts to end i'll lean back and whisper something cliche like "That looks good", or "I want to see that.", "Sucks." Whatever it is you want to say.... Don't look at her while you do it. Once that happens I just stay there, leaning to her a little bit, as the movie progresses I still make comments but I make them softer and I lean away more and more to where eventually she's leaning towards me. After I notice whether shes leaning my way or not I just grab her hand if she is, continue with the comments if shes not.

As far as escalating after your holding her hand, I favor the matching your fingers up to hers and looking at your hands (creates an intimate connection), and the hand kiss.... (the hand kiss usually leads to a movie theatre kiss, then kiss session, then make out.... depending on the girl. You should know how to calibrate that though.

Obviously a movie theatre is a REALLY bad place to try and escalate since you cant talk to 1) build comfort and 2) distract her from what youre actually doing. The story can be ANY DHV story that you currently have or an interesting opener, or as you have said you could always just have "forgotten". But usually what happens is I start my story like for instance....

"Oh check it out, today I saw the funniest thing, this midget....(trail off and watch preview)"

It's best and more believable if you can get halfway or into the story before you stop... plus as you are telling this, its all happening when people are getting quiet to watch the movie so its perfect to lean in a little or quite a bit to talk into her ear while your hand is still on the knee.

The story actually has an ending, and the ending is "This midget was, I guess in the process of, walking this massive beast that looked like a great dane, and appearantly (s)he lost the leash so (s)he was chasing this gigantic dog down the side of the road, have you ever seen a midget run? Oh dear... It kinda reminded me of you."

HB: What? Why?
PUA: Well the midget was (insert ethnicity of HB here). (Smile)