View Full Version : School environment help!

01-2008-06, 10:04 AM
In school environments do you use C+F and negs on everybody even in front of my target?

Aaron AO
01-2008-06, 10:10 AM
no. in school, if you do that, you become a dick.

school is much more about kino (be careful haha) and making sure everyone is attracted to you from faraway and comfortable when close. only negg the people you like when you want to initiate some playful banter. try and talk to as many girls as possible. dont use preplanned routines at school because they become stale and circulate very fast. tease girls a lot but also be very talkative but not in a needy-fashion.

also dont make yourself a joke but be a really fun. don't be too energetic to the point people want you to go away or punch you. its cool and shit with a group of friends when you're laughing at eachother and generally running the classroom but respect yourself more than you want to impress the girls (i.e. if a girl says "omg throw that pencil", say "omg no").

most of all make a solid set of trustworthy friends if you dont have them already.

01-2008-06, 10:15 AM
Isn't C+F all about just having fun? I won't neg other than the target but C+F is my attitude and my behavior which is why I think it makes me so popular.

You said "only neg the people I like"

As in only one girl correct? I can't pick multiple targets.

Aaron AO
01-2008-06, 10:57 AM
if you're in a 4 set, (set of 4 people) only negg the girl you want.

cocky/funny is absolutley fine but don't start throwing neggs at everyone. it only takes one person to whisper behind your back "hes a dick" and then when you throw out hard negg, girls will overanalyse it. thats a worst case scenario though.

cocky/funny is great, yes, but in school its not needed THAT much. general playfulness to control a room and get girls to dig you is wayy more than you need. remember to kino cos at school/uni, kino gets you everywhere and anywhere.

01-2008-06, 05:03 PM
School and college environments need some callibration because most guys i know tend to have lots of comfort and end up in the friend zone because they dont attract a lot, they dont qualify and they dont close when they need to. Also in my opinion u need to watch out because if u start hitting on a lot of girls and u do have attraction you ll become soon a player. If you fail to spark attraction you ll end up someone that got rejected or on the friend zone. And as you know in environments like that the bad rumors tend to travel fast. So use with caution:)