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Kino. What is kino? It’s short from kinesthetic, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) term for physical touch. Why do we kino? Touching can be very arousing, it’s also a comfort building techniques as well as emotionally and physically stimulating for you and her.

Disclaimer: I learned about touching from various sources and cannot remember all the credits. Also, I wrote this assuming that your game is fairly tight. By ‘fairly tight’ I mean that you don’t say stupid shit, your body language is normal and you don’t creep girls out. If you don’t have all this shit handled, your attempt at kino will freak girl out. These steps are in order of escalation, and you shouldn’t skip around much.

Another side note: I very rarely get any LMR. However I spend a lot of time in comfort. I don’t rush. This is my kino escalation technique. Yours might be different. I am not forcing this on you. Read, take what you want, and discard what you don’t.

All this are fundamentals and NOT strict rules or guides by any means. However, you will soon discover that almost all your kino escalation will fall into same, familiar pattern. It’s called mating dance; which is a subtle communication that we process on subconscious level. Without all the philosophy and theory, let’s get started:

FIRST KINO – when you opened your set.

Some instructors will say touch girls right away, some will say only after reach hook point. Either way will work, if you do it right. I calibrate to initial amount of attraction I get on my opener. If I get extreme bitch shield, I’ll wait till hook point. If girl is into me, I’ll touch right away. Maybe even skip steps.

Balls Required: Almost none

Basic touching acceptable in Opening into Attraction (Assuming she’s not hammered and hanging all over you right away. Then it’s a fools mate, bro, skip this and go to kissing section)

-When you make a point or need attention in a story: with an open palm gently tap her on her arm slightly below shoulder. (I guess her triceps). The tap should be light and brief. Don’t let your hand linger there.

-Gently put your palm over her elbow for two seconds. Her arm should be barely bent. This is good when you try to move her physically. Guide, don’t push.

-If you are following her somewhere through the crowd gently put tips of your index, middle and ring finger on her lower back. And without applying much pressure guide her. It’s like pushing a helium balloon up in the air.

Balls Required: A Small Pair of peanuts will do

Basic touching past hook point in Attraction into Comfort (Assuming she is hooked and listening to you. Don’t forget you can kino other girls in set. I can write a guide how to kino guys without looking gay, but that’s later, thilly!)

-When she says something dorky or stupid, Gently “push” her away by playfully applying almost no pressure to her shoulder, but actually pushing yourself away. This is hard to explain on the paper, but it feels to her that you “pushed her” with “Getta-outta here! Silly!” in a gentle playful move. In reality, you just pushed yourself aside.

-High Fives! Girls love them. In attraction you can let your arm hang with hers a little longer. If you feel really comfortable, you can even lock her fingers. You’ll get a knack for that. Sometimes I’ll combine High five’s with a fake high five, where I move my hand away and she misses it. I call her a dork and do ‘playful push’. After I’ll give her real high five and reward her with some kino (holding her hand a few seconds longer)

-If you are holding her hand after high five, lower it, and put it behind your back, while standing side by side with her.Hard to explain, you should practice this with your wing (NO, It’s not gay), until you feel comfortable doing it.

-[Half] Hugs. Girls love them too. In attraction (qualification), I can say, “oh-mi-god, you’re so adorable, come here, give me a hug!” I will give her one arm hug. Same way I would hug my bratty little sister or a best friend when I haven’t seen him for while: “I missed ya man! How you’ve been!”-kind of way.

-Full Hugs best left for comfort but sometimes it’s ok to give her a hug. Also, while I am hugging (with any girl), I’ll smell her and say “god, you smell good! What is it! Yum!” I will whisper that in her ear too. Smelling is kino too.

Level III Kino
Balls Required: A pair of healthy plums should be just right

Basic touching in Comfort into Seduction
-Hand holding is appropriate when you start moving into Comfort. You grab her hand and say, “come over here, let’s sit over there” and when you sit down, keep holding her hand a little longer…. Also hold her with your hand on the bottom resting on your leg.

oPlayfully rub her hand and let go so it falls on your leg. If she keeps it there, she’s getting comfortable, if she doesn’t, don’t bring it up…continue with your routine. Perhaps step back into attraction if you have to.

oHer hand is on your leg and it naturally stays there, she likes you and comfortable with you. This will happen maybe 3 out of 5 times. With more calibration you’ll learn how to make it happen 5 out of 5.

oNow Put your arm around her with the hand you just let go of her hand and it fell on your leg. Don’t go groping her tits, just yet. In fact golden rule: DO NOT TOUCH ANY PRIVATE AREAS (TITS, ASS, PUSSY) UNTIL YOU ARE AT SEX LOCATION!

oShe will naturally lay her head on your shoulder, if not SIT UP and pull her in closer. At this point you can take her hand from your leg with your other hand and caress it. Gently squeeze it and run your fingers between her fingers. If your palm gets sweaty place it palm down on your leg and have her interlock fingers with yours. Or slide your hand under her hand while she’s cupping your knuckles.

o Sometimes, with your hugging hand you might find her other hand, or you might play with her hair, doesn’t matter, you can just let it hang there.

Level IV Kino – leading into sex. Meanwhile you’re running tight comfort
Balls Required: By now, your sack should be getting filled with semen that you’ll deposit on her face later that evening

Into Seduction…. Or further escalation towards sex or a blow job

-Kissing should happen naturally. You should be talking really soft and you are almost whispering in her ear. Often, if she has long hair over her ear, I will move it away with my empty hand and push it behind her earlobes. Style had a good kissing technique: triangular gaze. In essence: you look in her left eye, then right eye then lips. Do this several times…she’ll pickup on it.

oDo not shove your tongue in her throat. Disgusting! You want to kiss her gently without a tongue. I know, I know, sometimes at a party, you start making out with some drunk chick…..well this isn’t a party. At least you’re playing proper game here and not fools mate.

oEnd kissing first. After some sensual lip action, withdraw yourself and looks her in the eyes. She’ll blush. Almost 9 out of 10 she’ll look down at your lips. She wants more. Get VERY CLOSE to her lips and say, “you’re a good kisser”. Even if she sucks, it doesn’t matter. Also close your eyes when you’re kissing. Because nobody looks sexy cross-eyed.

oKiss her more, this time with a little bit of tongue. Also you can put your hands around her. Often, if she’s not wearing a skirt, she’ll put her legs on your leg(s). Your hands go one under her arm and towards back of her neck, another arm goes under her arm and towards middle of her spine. With lower arm, pull her closer, while with other hand slide your fingers GENTLY into her hair. Stay close to the roots. You don’t need to pull or yank on them, just gently twist your palm into soft twist tugging on her hair. Meanwhile you should be passionately kissing her.

-Body Exploring can fall under seduction, but I am going to touch on it here a bit.

oYour hands should move softly around her back. In other words, glide, I said glide, not rub, glide your hands from her lower back to her neck… on her side, without touching her tits or ass yet…. It can be awkward touching her stomach, so don’t. Especially when you two are facing each other.

oTouching her face is very sensual. Mostly you want to glide your hands through her cheeks and move her hair towards the back of her head; your fingers should slide through her hair like a rake raking through autumn leaves. Everything is EXTRA SLOW AND GENTLE

oTouching her legs should take place between knees and pussy. Don’t go straight for the puss, just rub around her inner thighs a little. Maybe reach around her butt and squeeze it gently and come back around her hip and towards inside of her legs. You can ‘accidentally’ brush across her vag but don’t reach into her pants. Especially if you’re in public place

oTouching her skin can be very-very sensual. You want to naturally just barely slide your fingers under her shirt. You’re not reaching for her tits, you’re gently swiping your palm across her belly button.

oYou can drop your thumb between her skin and belt but don’t dig in for pussy!Your hand is right on the equator (belt). Your thumb should be sliding along her the inside of her belt and your fingers should be sliding over her belly button. With this motion you can reach towards her back and there you can put your hand a little bit higher up her spine. Some girls like a gentle scratch (I SAID GENTLE! You’re not a cat)

oWhen passionately making out put two of your palms on her ears and slide through her hair pulling her head even closer to you. This is so fucking hard to explain. Just about any soft playing, tugging, and pulling of her hair will get her sexually turned on. NOT you touching her tits, not you trying to ‘go for the kill’ but you touching her other sensual areas.

oDon’t let your hands just sit in one place. Explore.

Ok. In your/her bedroom, on a couch, or in your friends bed…..

Coming up soon. I need to jot it down. Meanwhile read this.

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correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt
kissing occur in A3 or at the latest

You make it sound like kissing is a
seduction thing rather than a comfort builder?

Besides that I think this is a great post

01-2008-05, 01:09 PM
correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt
kissing occur in A3 or at the latest

You make it sound like kissing is a
seduction thing rather than a comfort builder?

Besides that I think this is a great post

No you're right. It can. However, if you're in mixed set, it's hard to kiss a girl in front of her friends.

It's really situational dependent but more than often, for me, it happened towards comfort/isolation.

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TrueStory -- another great post! Looking forward to part two... :)

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very well done, couldnt have said it better meself

best of?