View Full Version : Gideki´s Only 3 Scenario Openers Theory - PART 1

01-2008-04, 10:59 AM
Ive realize that there are only 3 scenarios that you can find when you sarge. Forget the number of people in the set. Its about quality, not quantity. Those 3 are theses:

1) Target alone.
2) Target with girls.
3) Target in mixed set.

So, when it comes to opening you have to realize that those three scenarios requires 3 diferent strategies within the opener. Kinda missions for the opener. Those opening missions are the following:

1) Target alone: make her feel comfortable.
2) Target with girls: lower their instant defenses.
3) Target in mixed set: befriend them and make them feel you are part of their group.

So when it comes to opening, you have to have that it mind. Dont throw openers just beacuse you have to. Think of these 3 scenarios and throw an opener that helps you get your "opening mission".

I think as openers as a crucial thing, it can blast you or make an instant connection with the set. So Ill be talking more about this subject in other posts. Ill also be talking about some openers that help you acomplish your opening mission and the INSTANT NEGGING OPENER STRATEGY...