View Full Version : How To Be: Arrogant + Funny (C&F)

01-2008-04, 10:59 AM
I know there is a Banter Lines thread in the Best of Forum with like 300,000 views made up of teaseful lines.

But I was searching around and couldnt find a thread on demonstrating how to add Cocky + Funny

Post up some C+F moments you have had with girls.
It may be a approach. Just things you busted on her that had actually arrogance + funny.

In other words, no negs, or IODs and not just teasing but something where you had to actually add real Arrogance + Funny to bust on her.

These are from David DeAngelo

Arrogant: Your dress dosent match
C&F: I like the look your going for… well… the color combinations…. I guess my grandmother might have liked that…”

Arrogant: Those are high heels
Those are some pretty tall shoes, what are you like 4 feet without them?

Arrogant: She is hitting on me/compliment me
-Look im not like other guys. This compliment thing isn’t going to get you anywhere
-Already starting wit the compliments huh? Looks, lets just get those over with… go buy me the drink already
-Im not giving you my phone number so just quit
-Come on cant you atleast just think of something original to compliment me on