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01-2008-04, 02:54 AM
Spent last 18 months being totally hooked on a former model, classy intelligent woman and romantic soulmate. (Yeah. I'm talking about one woman here, not three!) Relationship fizzled over commitment and trust issues. Now excited about getting my game back after not even flirting with another woman for 18 months, last night I unzipped myself out of my AFC suit and had a great time opening numerous sets (some female, some mixed) with the following opener:

Guys, give me your take on this: You are out with your partner one night, and they give you their mobile phone to look after, as they have no pockets in what they are wearing. Next morning when you are back at your place, you realise you still have their mobile. .... Question is, do you take a sneaky look at their text messages while they are not around?

This one hooked every time I tried it, and it lends itself well for stacking with more...

(e.g. What if you saw that the most recent text was from their ex? Would you read it? But then if you had to open it to read it, you'd have to delete it right?:confused:)

(e.g. Oh you women are so predictable! I just knew you'd say that! This just goes to show that all women are flawed and all men are perfect!;))

(e.g. Dude, I knew you'd think the same as me. Good man! There IS a bond among men! High five, bro.:D)

-ROUTINES to do with jealousy and trust. ---> DHV, eliciting values, etc. etc.

In fact, as I was out gaming alone, I even used the mobile phone text opener with a couple of guys at the bar. The conversation gave me some social proof to help me open a nearby set of 3 women and 1 man with the exact same opener.

Later, used it on one women at the bar, and we ended up building rapport for an hour till the bar closed! Number closed too!

01-2008-07, 07:17 AM
Sounds like you should root it by saying that this happened to you or close friend.

01-2008-07, 07:32 AM
Oh yes, I most certainly have been doing that!

In actual fact, rooting the story as a personal anecdote is particularly easy for me as this actually happened. I had the bird's mobile phone with me, and, lo and behold, THE latest text message (unopened) that came in WAS from her ex. To add to the intrigue, it was in Russian (her ex was a Russian airline pilot). So I had to copy it down and wait until Monday before I could get a colleague to translate it for me!

In fact, just this little extra detail made the opener even more rooted! You couldn't make this stuff up! - Or at least that's what I hope people have been thinking! ;)

01-2008-07, 07:49 AM
I like your thinking on this. I also prefer openers from real life, as you convey them with more sincerity, thus amping the believability and hooking more effectively.

Just my 2 pence.

01-2008-09, 09:50 PM
Awesome opener! Great for negging!

One of my favorite openerer I came up with is the nail polish:
L- Do you guys think that nail polish on guys is gay?
SET- yes/no/ Depends what color
L- My roommate thinks it is, I don't think so, as long as it's not bright red or pink. Give me a quick answer, I need to get back to him...
SET and HB- blah blah blah
L- (to HB if she says it's gay) geez you're so prejudiced!...It's like me judging you by what you just said, you wouldn't make a great impression..:) [neg]


L- (to HB if she says it's cool/positive response)what color you think it's cool?
HB- brown/blue/black/green/any other color
L- I knew you would say that! (rolling my eyes) that's so boring.. I thought you weren't THAT smart ;) [neg]