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01-2008-03, 01:20 AM
Try this out!!

Did this a lot at this convention, and every time I did it, right afterwards the girl always looked amazed. It got her in an exiting, playful mood, probably because it is so unique.

Fun opener: Go up to a random girl, mover her so her back is touching the front side of your body. Tell her her height.

Best to do in a high energy setting. Probably not the best to do in a library.
What you do is you measure where the girl is on your body to a point on your body. I use my nipple. If I spread my hand out, put my middle finger on my nipple and have the thumb of that hand going up my body, where my thumb is, it’s 5 foot. So, I measure from their. If her head is right at my thumb, she is 5 feet. If she is a bit taller then my thumb, 5’1 or 2. If her head touches the middle of my neck, she is … you get the idea. Use different places on your body as different ways to measure how tall somebody is.
I don’t really remember how I can up with this routine. I think I just randomly went up to somebody, tried to measure them against me (6’2) didn’t get their height, but adjusted according for the next HB. You can use your nipple, chin, ext. or something like chin-4 fingers = 5’7. You get the idea. After a few dozen of these I am pretty accurate now. I was doing this to this one girl and couldn’t tell if she was 5’2 or 5’3. So I guessed 5’2 ½. Got it right! Try it sometime. Best to do in high energy environment. Probably good to have something to say afterwards. What I do:

Mr. G: “come here” *take girl, put her against my body so she is touching me* (I like this a lot cause I am already getting in her space, and doing Kino. We’re doing Kino and I only said, literally, 2 words!!!). *So put her against my body, measure her in comparison to my neck, chin, nipple, w/e* “your 5’2.”
HB: OMG!!! how’d you know?
Mr. G: I‘m just cool like that.…Damn, that’s pretty short, if we ever went on a date you’d have to get some of those shoes with the really thick heels, or else I’d be bending over to hold your hand. (overdramatically bend over like you are limping)
HB: oh Mr. G, your soooooo funny, why don’t you come over here with me for a second….OK FINE! Her last comment might not go just quite like this, but you get the idea!

field tested. works great all the time!

01-2008-03, 07:06 PM
Interesting, thanks