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01-2008-02, 10:51 PM
Aight so heres the deal I got this girl Michelle (HB9.5) really good looking and she is half asian.Problem is she has a BF(he could destroy me ill be honest in a fight) which they have been going out for over a year.They broke up 2 months ago and I was so close to hitting it up but wasnt able to get the chance to hang out with her.This is with me only knowing her since September anyways so I didnt wanna rush things.

Now in class,she is flirty.The type that wants attention.For example poking me after some silence and then saying it was a `Love Poke`` along with tickling.The other two big instances are when we are listening to the teacher or watching a film,she puts her thighs and knee right over mine to the point that its not just a little touch and its obvious she wants me to notice although I do except I just keep it there.Then you get the occasional like arm hair touching and like just signs of a real attention whore.

And I know ive mentioned this before but she also pointed to my left muscular arm and said ``is this your jackoff muscleŽ.

I mean what other things could I do in class.I keep the Kino going but are there any particular gambits or mini games that could be used in this situation.

01-2008-02, 11:05 PM
Heres an idea: try sticking your dick inside her pussy.

Honestly, "only knowing her since September anyways so I didnt wanna rush things" that's four months man! Don't get one-itis for this chick, which is what this sounds like. Everything you describe it's her initiating it and I bet she doesn't make a big deal about it. I'm sure people will give you kino games, and I know there are some good ones. But fuck the games, your past building comfort...this girls comfortable to touch you whenever she wants but your posting on an internet forum to see how you can touch her. Reach out and grab her shoulder, chicks love the shoulder grab.

"And I know ive mentioned this before." I don't know when this was, but for fuck sakes man. Your posting multible threads and you haven't even hung out with her after class? If your read is right then just ask her to hang out, she probably wants you to.

"Hey I'm going to dairy queen after work I'm mad craving a blizzard, wanna come?" Is it that hard to say those words?