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01-2008-01, 11:00 PM
These questions are for everyone, however only a select number should reply due to the questions.

1. If the Mystery Method is not your favorite seduction system, what is?
2. What are some of your experiences (field reports) with that system???
3. Is there anyone who uses Speed Seduction as their main system? If so, what are some of your results?

I would love alot of feedback for those who use other systems as their method. I love the Mystery Method but I love studying direct game and am currently studying Seduce and Conquer. The use of canned openers and routines don't appeal to me. I discovered the community when I was 14 years old! I've studied and read just about every system there is out there. That's why I want to hear some feedback from those who use other systems and get good results.

01-2008-01, 11:05 PM
I use a combination of mystery method and cocky-funny. My personality goes perfect with cocky-funny; virtually all of my fluff involves it anyway.

01-2008-02, 02:42 AM
This stuff comes with practice. Have you read any of the Reviews for other stuff?

TMM is basically a structure to follow, it's up to you to put your own stuff where it fits. NLP just complicates shit if you ask me. There's some interesting things involved with it you can maybe add, but if you run your game right you can still aquire the same effects without doing a bunch of "creepy" stuff.

Going "direct" is fine, but I think it's a "frame" you can't fake. I think in order to come off with the right conviction it starts with an already established belief of success.

TMM has worked fine for me, everything else is just add-on stuff.

01-2008-02, 03:17 AM
I use a pretty large combination of stuff.

For a day game situation, I usually go in with something simple and follow a variation of the M3 model. I use C/F stuff mixed along with other types of story telling that involves Frank B Kermit's Emotion Needs model. Frank and a few other guys out here run a lot of NLP patterning type stuff but mostly we work to satisfy the girl's emotional needs and before you know it, you get phone numbers and day 2's flying at you.

For night game, I basically do the same thing but with a lot less talk and way more kino. I pump state doing RSD type stuff until I manage to isolate or extract then I move into my day game stuff but really amped up to keep the emotions flowing.

As for canned material, all my canned material is personalized to me. Meaning that, sure, you could recite the words but it won't be nearly as effect for you as it is for me. I build the openers out of personal experiences or opinions (something I learned from both the ABC's of Attraction instructor Johnny Wolfe and Frank) so that I don't get bored running the same openers again and again and so that the conversation about the opener will actually be interesting to me. And because I know the opener material, it makes getting off the opener that much easier.