View Full Version : Too much for the Alpha Female

01-01-2008, 11:08 AM
Yesterday i bumped into a mate of mine whilst walking through town. He's a complete natural and he had 4 girls with him. He works for a club and was sorting out some tickets for them for the new years eve bash. Anyways, I asked them if they were ready to party and they laughed and i ended up quickly flirting with one of the gals. I'm talking a couple of lines but you could see the flirtyness between us even though we'd just met. I say catch you all later and i leave them.

Later that night i saw them in there on the dancefloor and the girl from earlier was your typical alpha female (dancing in the middle/flaunting her shit). I'd say she was an 8. We made eye contact and i stared just that little bit longer to make her smile and slightly turn away. She then looked back and smiled again. I didn't want to approach on the dance floor though.

After a little while i'm walking through and i see her talking to this dude (He was trying to get with her all night to be honest) and i walk behind her, gently squeezed her side and say "Hi". She turned to me and completely blanked this dude and she was giving me big IOI's. I tell her she seems like fun and we should play a game (5 questions). However we were standing in the middle of the room and i wanted to convey alpha. So i told her to follow me while holding her arm. Hopefully giving me an opening to start Kino. So i've took her to this wall and we both leaned against it. Then about 4 of her mates come over to me and they now all want to know this game. I told her we'll play for a shot and she's like "why don't you just buy we one now". She must have asked me that 3 times. She was trying to make herself look big infront of her mates. Gave me a shit test about my clothes (i was wearing a black shirt/black waistcoat and white tie - i looked ace) but she said i'd over dressed. I told her it was to make her look better. Her mates laughed and she had that 'you bastard smile'. So i run the game, win and make her playfully look stupid infront of her mates. Hopefully bringing her down a few pegs. I'm still leaning against that wall and she then starts talking to one of her friends about something random and then leans back to me and i tell her i felt sorry for her and that she didn't have to buy me a shot because she was growing on me. She then ran off!!! hahahaha leaving me with 3 of her friends. I started talking to another one and then saw my hb8 talking to that dude again. After a brief chat i cooly kissed her mate i was talking to on the cheek and said i'd see them all later. I then rejoined my friends.

Now this hb8 would try to almost get my attention again when i was on the dancefloor. She'd leave the dancefloor and walk in between me and my friends without looking at me (She'd cut right through the middle of our 'dance circle'). I found it funny. Later on i'm on the phone as i'm walking to try and hear better and i bump into that girl again. She's like "Hey babe, how you doing?" I said "What?" but then as she went to talk again i carried on talking on the phone and walked away to hear better.

That was the last time i saw her. We left shortly.

Do you guys think i alpha'd her too much for her to handle? This sounds like the type of girl that has very LSE and likes chumps to flaunt on her.

1) she wasn't just after a drink because of the flirting we'd done on the dancefloor.
2) She probably wanted me to buy her one to make her feel like she's got me. Or maybe the shot would have been some sort of trophy?
3) She had that clingy dude. Maybe he was her BF or a LJBF's guy. He was interested in her. I could tell from his body language.

Also... Her two mates started to dance near us (They were very nice - HB8's again) and me and a friend were feeling they were interested. (As they danced they swapped sides - maybe to get a better view of one of us??). Caught them looking a few times etc.

What would be your take on sarging your targets friends after you and your target are awkward? Not so good right? Maybe i could have caused some sort of jealousy plotline.