View Full Version : L.A Blaze of glory !!!!

11-2007-29, 10:55 AM
Fuck yeah !
Whats up yall,

Im gonna be in town for an event. leaving comfortable Amsterdam and blasting over to L.A. leaving a trail of crazy fire !!

Fuck it, I decided to extend my stay though.. And burn the fuckin place down.
Maybe tour the neighbouring cities a bit and roll over to disneyland and mack on mickey's girlfriend
anybody feeling like joining me , get wild , have a few laughs or put me up for a few days will be awesome..... holla at me or shoot me a PM.
This shits gonna be wild yo.

Its gonna be elegant..
haha Lookin forward to meetin you guys.

B to the H

11-2007-29, 08:21 PM
yo im down, down to go meet up some women too