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10-24-2007, 11:55 AM
Taking advice from Tyler Durden, I really want to put down my sticking points.

Sticking Point: Chicks either pick up too soon that I'm into them or so late that the ship has already left port.

-I have amazing amounts of trouble keep game in mind (diagnosed and extreme ADHD, believe me there is near zero "thought guidance" in my head.) I answer questions too quickly and don't consider the avenues of the game, ever: for example, I made a comment to one chick about "how I like my girls...." and she started self qualifying and I completely ignored her.

There was a chance to move up from there. But I missed the gate because I so commonly do. And Qual seems like such a fast phase, that it meshes with the others almost too much to catch.

Where are the gates (phase shifts)? VAH had some stuff on three IoI's, Magic bullets doesn't really have too much in there about it, but where oh where do the gates come from? I have seen them, but I feel too fast to stay on my same phase because a.) I develop momentum and b.) I am beginning to suspect I am chicken sh!t.

I know there are no hard and fast rules, but what I want is advice on learning how to get this down. And anything you have learned about the phase shifts.

So, my questions are
1. Where do the phases shifts appear? in specific A2-A3 (Attraction to Qualification)? When do I know my Attraction job is "done" or rather, it's okay to begin Qual because they are congruent to it?

2. when can I say "Begin comfort"? I know I should keep Qualing in Comfort but the whole beginning it is weird, and it's hard to figure out when I should start easing the Qual.

3. Comfort is important, what must I avoid in comfort, and what must I absolutely keep doing?

4. And last, when does the Seduction Phase Gate appear in Comfort, is it always kind of there, tempting you to take it and blow it? These phase shifts are brutal for me, I move (mentally)too slowly for them most of the time.

- I am going out, and I have begun the whole "Process" I just need some sticking point advice.

-Mean Mr. Grither

J Lay
10-24-2007, 05:21 PM
qualification is actually not a fast stage at all. its very slow and relaxed, and is where I personally begin to settle down my nerves. I am up tight during attraction, but I am good looking (and confident) so i dont need that strong of game there. i wanna improve there the most though.
anyway, Attraction is never "done". Look for some IOI's from her. A shift in body language so she shows more attention to u, playing with her hair, re initiation of a conversation, etc... I like to get 3-4 what i call simple IOI's which are all subconscious on her part; and 1-2 IOI's where it is a blatant show of interest, like a reinitiation of convo, any kino she starts, anything that is a reasonably clear sign to someone who is socially calibrated...

You said she qualified herself in response to ur "how i like my girls..." u dont go UP from there. SHE WANTS YOU TO QUALIFY HER!!! It lets her know she is winning. Make her EARN IT... I would say something like,
Me: I like my girls like... blah blah blah
Her: Im totally like that. I hate getting up late. blah blah blah. (this is an IOI)
Me: Thats so cool. We should totally find you someone tonight...

This is a basic form of qualification... Bait, hook, real, release... once u start doing it and learn the basic concept, u do it automatically.
I like to cycle this for a little while... only hit her with one maybe two of things like this after she will IOI you. THan start really qualifying her...
i like to say in response to some fucking DHV, "I cant believe you saved those chickens from the slaughterhouse. its so refreshing to see someone live life through their emotions the way you do, I wish I could be a vegan but im just not as motivated as you are.... Gosh.... i cant even talk to you now." (give her a little bad body language... she will laugh and turn u back to face her. A BIG MUTHA FUCKIN IOI)
Comfort and Qualification dont really start and begin... they just intertwine with one another... (I think hahah) its a basic flow from one point to the next, that is... ur becoming interested and showing it by talking to her. responding and interacting with her and letting her talk about herself. everyones favorite subject is themselves.... make her work for ur respect than give her it. THan flow to a normal conversation... Kino escalation is essential for all of this though, your level of kino must be congruent with your phase. You wouldnt try to kiss her on A1, would you? once your in C1, just talk and have fun. be playful, maybe kiss a little. if ur not in for a same-night lay, MAKE A TIME BRIDGE. make plans for a later day. "Cool people are a dying breed (MR. M) how are we going to continue this?"
Time bridge is formed, your moderately golden. see her, hang with her. build a wide range of rapport, KINO ESCALATE!!!! anything past kissing is the seduction phase. and intense touching and so on and so forth.

I suspect u havent done your homework... get magic bullets, get the VA handbook. get some help. haha. practice practice practice.

10-24-2007, 07:47 PM
Yeah, I really got down and reread Magic Bullets, and I realized I had just glanced over those parts. I then took meticulous notes, now I just gotta internalize it.
If only there were sarge locations around. My area, for some reason, is the land that beauty forgot. 35 minute drive, minimum, to get to an area that isn't completely boring.

J Lay
10-25-2007, 02:56 AM
where are u... i bet u just miss the places that are happenin.

10-25-2007, 06:30 AM
Update on sticking points:

So after hardocore rereading Magic Bullets TWICE, they are clear on the phase shifts. Now I just gotta catch them when they happen. Where can I go to find sarge locations? I can't access BristolLair from work, and am not certain where else to go.