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12-2005-23, 10:02 AM
First I want to say that I have read a lot of stuff and I think that mystery has the best overall package on seduction that can be used in all facets of life. I get his emails and have read most of The Game....I have studied his stuff and plan to get his book...a couple dvd's and someday do a workshop. However I find it difficult to talk to hot girls in groups or with guys and while I can approach good looking girls I blank out a lot. So I am thinking about Deep Inner Game by DD. I am hoping someone that reads this post has tried it out and can tell me if it is any good. If it is just a bunch of stuff thats too complicated or theory I am all set...but if it can get my inner game in check and flawless with a little effort and get me out sarging more with not a care in the world than I will scoop it up like a playboy model.

12-2005-23, 10:56 AM
Hey, I had a look at it and didn't like it too much. Not to say it isn't useful, but there's a lot of redundancy there. I thought there would be some concrete information within, even excercises, that would help shift your psychology. Instead you're told to do what everyone else tells you to do (and should do), go out and throw your baby ass in the fire :p. The only difference is that Dr. Paul gives you a mental framework to do it in (which is repeated over and over again). There's not that much substance there, man - it's almost a plug for some of Dr. Paul's materials. Maybe you should check those out first instead. Or give it a shot if you want, I believe there's still a 30-day money back guarantee.

12-2005-23, 12:49 PM
This was the most useful of the DD DVD sets I've seen. It is not complicated but does advocate doing your field work. Dr. Paul presents a visiual model to analzye all your emotions and consturctive responses for them. He also show you his temperament model with insights how to spot and comunicate with the 4 basic temperaments. It also give quite an extensive reading list which you can find similar reads posted in many places. DD friend's portion was my favorite. He talks about his personal experience using this material to get his weight under control, advance his carrer, and improve his sucess with women. I wouldn't garantee it will allow you to approch with out a care in the world, but gives you the tools to get in the frame of mind where the learning process will be percieved as fun and not as painful. It should help you to strengthn your "observing ego" so you learn more quickly from your interactions. I've found that the posts are the best way to develope your observing ego skills. Sign up for Dr. Pauls newsletter and check out his website to get an idea of what he offers.

12-2005-23, 10:54 PM
I suggest everyone try something called the "Sedona Method" or "Release Technique".
It's not specifically made for scoring with women, but it's one of the best things you can try for self-improvement and confidence. University studied too.
Look it up.

12-2005-24, 12:25 AM
Also look into Anthony Robbins for true inner centering. :)

12-2005-30, 09:16 PM
Seems like you guys are kinda sayin its not worth the money. I went on the docs site and his stuff seemed just as expensive and not packaged as conveniantly. The thing that attracts me to it is it is marketed as something that is a be all end all for inner game skills. In other words instead of spending years collecting a bunch of seperate and solid inner game materials I can get everything I will need with one purchase. I figured in the long run it would save me a lot of time and money. Is there anyone else that has an opinion about this? I am not going to get it if everyone that has checked it out is saying it is not good.....I had high hopes!

12-2005-30, 10:25 PM
ijjjji is big on inner game. Check out his archive.
If you do affirmations, most important part is the Tonality. I just listened to ross's unstoppable confidence again and realised this. No wonder they stopped working for me. I started mumbling them. Yeah..real confident. My subconcious is gonna believe it coming from a wuss voice.
Also it helps to UNDERSTAND the affirmation your saying. Some affirmations are already ok, but simple ones like I AM CONFIDENT or I AM THE PRIZE need expanding. You can expand it in words, OR, what ijjji does is he just says I AM CONFIDENT, but he has defined what it means befoer hand. so maybe you can have a visualization or something.
so when you say I AM CONFIDENT you feel confident. I guess it's like an anchor.

12-2005-30, 11:26 PM
Devill, does that release technique live up to the hype? I can understand that the ability to instantly release any emotion in the moment can be a trmemndous assett, but I got a little weirded out when the ad talked about money "magically" appearing in your life. Can you talk a bit about your experience with it?
I am fascinated and skeptical simultaneously...

12-2005-31, 01:08 AM
Duke, there's no substitute for experience...you're going to get the most bang for your busk as it were by simply going out and openning sets. Just force yourself to do it.

12-2005-31, 05:21 AM
Duke, there's no substitute for experience...you're going to get the most bang for your busk as it were by simply going out and openning sets. Just force yourself to do it.
I am sure you are right and I have done that....but I have a bigger problem. Do you hear the violins? There is something wrong with me where I will become so inward and overwhelmed emotionally with bad energy that I cant even talk to my life long friends without feeling discomfort and dealing with rampant thoughts. I get in these stretches where every time I try to carry on a conversation my mind is bombarded and taken over by multiple thoughts that are preventing me from consentrating on technique or what they are saying and it comes across to them nonverbally. Whats worse is that if I am talking to a girl....the better it goes the worse I will get if I am in one of these moods. This works well for me for the hard to get thing but after time they get frustrated and think I am a stuck up jerk and dont bother with me. They just think I am rude. Now heres the thing. I have days where none of this is in my way ((besides the success factor))...when my mind is clear and I am just "ON". When this happens I can suck everyone into my reality and I am like a moviestar....but I have no control over when it comes and it seems like when I really need it....it is never around. So I need more than some balls here. I am real good with woman when I am comfortable. I know them very well and I have always felt I am a natural. My biggest problems were inner game stuff and nice guy syndrome (not knowing how to deal with or even recognize tests especially) I solved the nice guy thing but not the inner game thing. I know that action is the best way to solve any problem....but when I cant even talk to my family and feel comfortable when I get into one of these moods there is something more going on.

01-2006-02, 01:29 AM
Devill, does that release technique live up to the hype? I can understand that the ability to instantly release any emotion in the moment can be a trmemndous assett, but I got a little weirded out when the ad talked about money "magically" appearing in your life. Can you talk a bit about your experience with it?
I am fascinated and skeptical simultaneously...
I learned the technique, then taught a few friends.
My goals with it:
I wanted to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, feel better emotionally, do better with women, and get a new job (after being unemployed for a while).
My results:
This may sound like coincidence, but maybe it's the power of the mind working through the technique.
Within days I recieved a call from a company offering me a job.
With a month I gained 5 pounds of muscle and lost 5 pounds of fat.
Within 2 months I was partying more, enjoying life more, and hooked up with a great woman who fell in love with me (I fell for her too, but not in a lame one-itis way, plus I still get to sleep with other women).
Months later, I went through some problems with her 'cause it became a long distance relationship, and that night I was really depressed, but then the following day I used the technique and felt f*ckin' phenomenal. Been constantly generating a great moods anytime I want since then, plus I made everything work out with her pretty nicely.
Oh, and it helped me to finally get over the 2.5 year major depression I was going through after breaking up from a long term relationship with my son's mom.
A friend of mine went from being constantly intoxicated, failing college, and in trouble with his family and the police, to cutting back on all substances, getting in good shape, qualifying for advanced classes, and getting along well with everyone.
A female friend who was going into the military used it to get over her fears, feel more comfortable about being away from her daughter during training, and doing really well with the physical/mental stress of military basic training.
So yeah, I totally endorse the Sedona Method / Release Technique.
It's really simple to learn and do.

01-2006-02, 01:40 AM
Amazing! I just ordered this...
Having control of your inner state in the moment like this sounds incredible...
will report results in the forum

01-2006-02, 06:42 AM
Thanks for the advice. I have ordered their free sample cd and read up on it. It sounds like the Sedona method may accomplish what I was hoping that Deep inner game would accomplish....thanks for the feedback.

01-2006-04, 09:55 AM
I just bought a book called "Zero-resistance selling" by Maxwell Maltz. He also is famous for a book called "Psycho-Cybernetics". It's a weird sounding name, but it's supposed to be pretty interesting.
Basically, from what I'm gathering, is that your brain can be thought of as a computer, and from birth you are being "programmed" info by outside sources...authority figures. The info may or may not be accurate, may or may not remain accurate as you mature, and may or may not be helpful.
But it can be "re-programmed" in a very deliberate, goal-directed manner. (ok, now I'm literally pulling straight from his book)
This book is mostly about selling...I just ordered Psycho-Cybernetics, so I'm going to check it out too. But a lot of times marketing, selling, success w/ women go hand in hand. It's all about your "operating system" and getting the mind viruses out.
I can't tell you yet if it's worth checking out cuz I just started reading it, but it's a lot cheaper than some of the dyd type stuff. Find a used copy on Amazon. It sounds very interesting though. I think there's an institute based on P-C.