View Full Version : Feeling Great, going to the club, and Boom Freezing out completely

09-10-2007, 08:49 PM
Introduction / Walking to the club:

So this weekend I felt great like I wanted to go the club (haven't gone in 2 weeks). Me and my buddy decide to hit up this club that's hip hop related (I guess this was the mistake to begin with). I was dressed up nicely and all for the club and he was peacocked quite well I would say (he just stood out and I guess the sunglasses on me did as well). I was confident walking there and then a pain in the stomach hits me. All of a sudden I start feeling sick and we stop at a gas station I feel my head bleeding and my middle finger bleeding too. I try to cover those areas well. Then I start turning pale and my stomach starts hitting me within it seems. I feel great pressure on me and almost vomit on the way to the club. We get to the bouncer and then boom I walk back along with my buddy who's a bit frustrated. I end up taking going to the bathroom for number 2 in the restaurant nearby. I do some mental work outs and feel good again. Then we get to the club and there's a 20 minute line. In the line I was just mingling with the other guys waiting (the girls seem to just get ahead of everyone in line straight in like shit no rules for them?). Anyways I didn't let the women cutting bug me too much. So anyways I start feeling a bad vibe around me (don't know from where). I go in just fine though into the club and my buddy's drink gets poured onto the street (he was pissed by then). I pay to get in and so does he.

Inside the club , the first 2 hours:

So I'm finally in and I feel this pain in my stomach again. I start turning pale and my legs start cramping up (I could barely walk). TO top it off I started to feel back pain along with an uncontrollable head ache. I could barely keep my eyes open for some reason and I kept twitching. I check myself in a mirror and my eyes are blood shot red (I decide to wear sunglasses at this point for the rest of the night). This was going to be a challenge to be famished / fatigued and so worn out / sick for the rest of the 4 hours in this club, but I knew I could survive. If I could tolerate at least and try to get in a set I'd be fine, but I was so wrong. Me and my buddy start walking in and there's no sets at all (well no well defined sets at least). Everybody's scattered ! There's nowhere to sit inside unless you're in the VIP section and it seems everyone's just dancing / drinking. The bar stools all seem to be filled with miserable men like myself drinking their depression away. It's a shame I don't drink otherwise I'd get into alcohol poisoning as well. Anyways I look at the dance floor and see some very nice looking ladies. Unfortunately I just stood there for the next 2 hours doing NOTHING! Sure there were other guys near me doing the same fucking thing (this freeze out annoys me so much) and even though that made me feel "in" it sure as hell didn't put me IN. I think to myself "fuck I'm not going to have a good night it seems agh." In aggravation I try to fight my nervousness, but with no penetration at it. My nerves got the best of me and for the rest of the night I was truly Frozen.

Dancing / Awkward:

So after 2 hours of standing there I said F it and went on the dance floor. I started dancing like a drunk idiot (no I wasn't drunk believe me). I was in my own reality... a reality most people don't want to be a part of. I look at a woman dancing by herself and I try to fight my nerves, but the lack of will power is apparent... I couldn't do it. By that time the thought process destroys me and a guy takes the girl... some other guy. Sure I saw plenty of guys get blown away (crash and burns) in the dance floor, but unfortunately I wasn't one of those guys. I was the guy standing in a corner with a drink on his hand not saying anything, not interacting, and surely not having fun. Then it happened. The night just kept getting worst. A terrible singing group came up and nobody was dancing. Hell there were six fights for the rest of the night. One fight involved six men on one. Poor guy... he got really f'd up (couldn't go into the bathroom anymore after this fight since apparently the bathroom floor and sink were filled with blood). Anyways the night continued like this... Amog assholes, guys around me doing the same thing, bad vibes, and of course me dancing like an idiot in my own filth/ shame.

Leaving the Club:
So I start leaving the club with my buddy who also had the same results as me (except he didn't dance, in fact he was stiff as a wooden board). The six fights in there were entertaining at most, but fighting doesn't get you laid nor does it get you the girl.. it just makes you look like an idiot most of the time especially if it's six on one (your basic gangbang). So we get to his house. I sleep and don't let my anger get the best of me (I literately felt like ripping someone apart). I slept with blue balls and decided maybe next week I'll do better.. I have to!