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09-08-2007, 02:09 PM
background info: im 17, work at a coffee shop, excellent conversationalist, and i get called attractive often. i always dress to impress... heres my story

so i was at work today. and these two girls approach and want a tea. i ditch the tea topic because they can wait. i ask them if i could take their feminin opinion for one second. they agree. i ask them (one of my openers)
me:im thinking of getting my cartlidge peirced on my ear.. but which side??
them: hmm hmm well you have 2 on ur left alrdy so do it on ur right.
me: ahh i thought that for a bit. but right side is the gay side. i dont want to give a bad vibe to people. (they now know im stright)
them: haha alright then do it on your left :)
me: ahh i thoguht that for a bit also. but i already have two and a third would weigh me down!! (i tilt my head showing heavy.. they laugh alot soo..)
me: wow laughing at me now. we just met!.. i hope you two aren't always this rude :( (neg)

haha at this point i remembered the teas... got their order. and i asked whos paying for what
HB9 - oh im paying for both
me - holy i need to get friiends like you!, isn't she nice?
HB9 smiles
me - but your still rude, dont think i forgot :).
we fluffed a bit after that except i kept shutting the HB9 down if she tried to add in and i could tell the HB9 was gettin frustrated (good good)
then i asked the HB9 if i could try the ESP test on her. and i guessed her number wrong but she still loved it.. and enjoyed the attention i could tell.

AT THIS POINT MY BOSS STARTED TO GIVE ME ORDERS TO CLEAN A TABLE and i was thinking shittttt.. theyr arn't ready for the close. and so i tryed to move the convo to the table but they left and sayd they would talk to me next time i was working.

FKKK!!!! i wish i had quickly popped a numberclose line but they were walking out and my boss had her eye on me!

should i have stopped them..? or nxt time get number? gah now im mad

09-08-2007, 03:31 PM
Damn that's tough. You could've tried a number close after getting the IOIs you said you got. Next time they come in, give HB9 a nickname or say something like "Awesome, so you're here to buy me tea right?" fluff a bit more then move into the number close.


09-08-2007, 07:20 PM
yeah i hope they come back 2morrow im working also
im def. going to run some cocky funny initially

"coudn't resist me could you"
"seeing as were friends now, wheres my tea? (sadface)"

haha hope for the best

09-09-2007, 04:09 AM
I'm pullin for you, you are the prize, she wants your babies!