View Full Version : If you havent spoken after 3 days..

09-05-2007, 07:18 PM
So here the breakdown of my night. I first must say that i think i lost this one, but im gonna ask you guys to help me out to see if i cant fix things. I met this girl at a friends party and we were flirting practically the whole conversation (5 minutes) and she gave me more than 3 IOIs but she could have just been a realy nice person who loves to meet people or wtv. later on i danced with her closely and it was nice. Later on in the night i overheard my friend telling this girl "are you happy that jordan is here" jordan being another guy that i guess she has/had a crush on. then i realized , o shit shes just being nice or wtv. then she starts talking to this guy jordan for like 5 minutes alone, meanwhile im just dancing with some other friends. I felt like shit at this point. she then had to leave early and she said bye but i didnt show like i cared so much. i added her on msn. and its been 3 days. is there any chance of still getting her, i thought, maybe because she didnt fully get to know me that maybe next time i could realy impress her with some one on one time.?